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Stand Up Guys is a 2012 crime-comedy film directed by Fisher Stevens. The film is scheduled for North American release on January 11, 2013. A tough but touching action comedy as retired gangsters who reunite for one epic last night.


Val is released from prison after serving twenty-eight years for refusing to give up one of his close criminal associates. His best friend Doc is there to pick him up, and the two soon re-team with another old pal, Hirsch. Their bond is as strong as ever, and the three reflect on freedom lost and gained, loyalties ebbed and flowed, and days of glory gone by. And despite their age, their capacity for mayhem is still very much alive and well--bullets fly as they make a hilariously valiant effort to compensate for the decades of crime, drugs and sex they've missed. But one of the friends is keeping a dangerous secret--he's been put in an impossible quandary by a former mob boss, and his time to find an acceptable alternative is running out. As the sun rises on the guys' legendary reunion, their position becomes more and more desperate and they finally confront their past once and for all.



Stand Up Guys was originally sanctioned to be directed by Barry Levinson and starring Pacino and Walken in opposite roles, but there was a falling-out and Fisher Stevens took over. The film premiered at the Chicago International Film Festival on October 12, 2012 and showed next at the Mill Valley Film Festival the following day.




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