Starcatcher: The Legend of Orin is a 1985 American animated sci-fi adventure film directed & produced by Steven Hahn and written by animation writer Jeffrey Scott.

It was one of the first animated films to mix traditional animation and computer animation and was also one of the first films to be released in 3D.


Set on the subterranean Mine-World, a band of human workers are treated like slaves under the control of the evil overlord Zygon.

One of the humans, Orin discovers the hilt of a mythical sword that only he is able to master. After escaping Mine-World, he runs into a rogue smuggler named Dagg, a pair of helpful droids and a princess. Together, they return to Mine-World to defeat Zygon and free the human workers.

Voice CastEdit

  • Joe Colligan as Orin
  • Carmen Argenziano as Dagg
  • Anthony De Longis as Zygon / Nexus
  • Noelle North as Elan / Aviana
  • Les Tremayne as Arthur
  • Daryl Bartley as Kallie
  • Tyke Caravelli as Silica
  • Tina Romanus as Aunt Bella
  • John Moschitta Jr. as Z'Gork
  • Ken Sansom as Magreb / Tactical Robot


The movie borrows a lot of elements from the Star Wars movies.

Much of the film was animated with a 1.85:1 frame in mind, but the two-perf single-strip 3D projection system required a 2.35:1 ratio.

Because of that, many of the shots appear framed unusually tight and in some cases, the characters' heads are partially cut off.

Box OfficeEdit

"Starchaser: The Legend of Orin" debuted at #6 at the box office, grossing $1,614,660 during its opening weekend. Domestically, it only grossed $3,360,800.

Critical ReceptionEdit

The movie was given a 66% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The New York Times described it as "such a brazen rip-off of George Lucas's Star Wars that you might think lawyers would have been called in".

Theatrical TrailerEdit

Starchaser The Legend of Orin (1985) trailer

Starchaser The Legend of Orin (1985) trailer

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