Sunday Bloody Sunday is a 1971 British drama film written by Penelope Gilliatt, directed by John Schlesinger and starring Murray Head, Glenda Jackson, Peter Finch and Peggy Ashcroft.


Recently divorced career woman Alex Greville (Glenda Jackson) begins a romantic relationship with glamorous mod artist Bob Elkin (Murray Head), fully aware that he's also intimately involved with middle-aged doctor Daniel Hirsh (Peter Finch). For both Alex and Daniel, the younger man represents a break with their repressive pasts, and though both know that Bob is seeing both of them, neither is willing to let go of the youth and vitality he brings to their otherwise stable lives.


  • Peter Finch as Dr. Daniel Hirsh
  • Glenda Jackson as Alex Greville
  • Murray Head as Bob Elkin
  • Peggy Ashcroft as Mrs. Greville
  • Tony Britton as George Harding
  • Maurice Denham as Mr. Greville
  • Bessie Love as Answering Service Lady
  • Vivian Pickles as Alva Hodson
  • Frank Windsor as Bill Hodson
  • Thomas Baptiste as Professor Johns