TSG Entertainment Finance LLC is a film financing entity which primarily funds live action films. Its logo is a depiction of a man with a bow shooting an arrow through several axe heads, similar to Odysseus from Homer's Odyssey.[1]

TSG was established after the U.S. theatrical release of Parental Guidance to replace Dune Entertainment as a result of Dune not renewing their deal with 20th Century Fox. 20th Century Fox looking for a new long term co-financing arrangement made a deal with TSG Entertainment. The financing entity was founded by former Dune partner Chip Seelig with majority funding from Magnetar Capital with additional funding from Seelig and others. Seelig had left Dune in May 2011 to launch a new funding company. TSG was also looking for some ($300-$400 million) debt financing from banks at this time.[2] In November 2015, Bona Film Group, a Chinese film studio, invested $235 million in TSG.[3]

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