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Teen Titans Go! to the Movies is a 2018 American animated superhero action comedy film based on the television series Teen Titans Go! and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. It is written by series developers Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath, and directed by series producer Peter Rida Michail and Horvath. The event of the movie takes place during the fifth season of Teen Titans Go!.

It is the second theatrical film based on an animated Warner Bros. television series, 25 years after Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. The film features the voices of Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Khary Payton, Tara Strong, Hynden Walch, Will Arnett, and Kristen Bell. It was released on July 27, 2018, by Warner Bros. Pictures.


The Teen Titans find out that every single hero in the DC Universe has their own films, ranging from Batman and Superman, to characters like Aquaman and Alfred Pennyworth. So they search for a director for their movie. But famous Hollywood director Jade Wilson rejects their offer because of their recent actions over the past few years and they're no longer taken seriously. However, they find a window of opportunity for their own movie by having their own nemesis in the form of Slade, who plans to mind control the entire Justice League and take over the world.


  • Scott Menville as Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans who has a staff and various weapons to fight crime.
  • Khary Payton as Cyborg, the robotized humanoid member who has the superpower to use weapons from his mechanical body and is capable of super strength.
  • Tara Strong as Raven, a half-human, half-demon sorceress who is the daughter of a supremely powerful and dangerous demon named Trigon. She possesses telekinetic abilities.
  • Hynden Walch as Starfire, a Tamaranian princess and a member of the Teen Titans who has the ability to shoot bright green-colored bolts of ultraviolet energy and green laser beams from her hands and eyes, and is capable of flying faster than light and superhuman strength.
  • Greg Cipes as Beast Boy, a member of the Teen Titans who has the superpower to shapeshift into different animals.
  • Will Arnett as Slade, a supervillain and Robin’s nemesis.
  • Kristen Bell as Jade Wilson, a famous filmmaker who the Teen Titans try to persuade to do a movie about them.
  • Nicolas Cage as Superman, a member of the Justice League.
  • Greg Davies as Balloon Man, a balloon-themed villain.
  • Jimmy Kimmel as Batman, a member of the Justice League and Robin's mentor.
  • Nicolas Cage's son Kal-El Cage voices a younger Bruce Wayne.
  • Halsey as Wonder Woman, a member of the Justice League.
  • Lil Yachty as Green Lantern, a member of the Justice League.
  • Howard Stern (Simon Ross in the U.K. and Ugly Phil O’Neil in Australia) as the voice of Shockwave, a human controlled walkie talkie not seen in the TV show but will be seen in the movie.


On September 25, 2017, Warner Bros. Pictures announced the film and its release date of July 27, 2018, with the show's cast reprising their roles. A month later, the film's title and teaser poster debuted, and it was announced that Will Arnett and Kristen Bell had joined the cast.

On March 12, 2018, it was announced that musicians Lil Yachty and Halsey were part of the cast as Green Lantern and Wonder Woman respectively, with Nicolas Cage announced as Superman the following day. Cage himself was originally going to portray Superman in Tim Burton's canceled Superman film, Superman Lives. Jimmy Kimmel was later announced to voice Batman in the film, through an extended cut of the trailer on the same day.


The film was released in theaters on July 27, 2018, by Warner Bros. Pictures, followed by release in the United Kingdom a week later. An early screening was held in Vidcon 2018 for both badge members and YouTubers on June 22. The film held its world premiere on June 30, 2018. The film will also be shown at the San Diego Comic-Con International on July 20, 2018.


On January 10, 2018, the film's first teaser trailer was attached to Paddington 2, Peter Rabbit, Early Man and Sherlock Gnomes. On May 18, 2018, a new trailer was released with Show Dogs and Incredibles 2.

Box office

In the United States and Canada, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies will be released alongside Mission: Impossible - Fallout and is projected to gross $14–19 million in its opening weekend.


  • In the comics, Slade's supervillain name is "Deathstroke." The name was never been used in a Teen Titan cartoon, because it was decided that a character with "Death" as a part of his name should not be in a children's cartoon. However, he was referred to as Deathstroke in Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash (2018), an animated movie marketed to children, which was released a few months before this movie.
  • A montage of flipping comic pages from the "The New Teen Titans" comic (#1, November 1980) appears at the beginning of the film. This is also a reference to Marvel Studios' flipping comic pages logo.
  • The Challengers of the Unknown is a team of DC Comics characters created by Marvel Comics co-creator Jack Kirby in 1957. The basic premise of their series as a team of explorers of the alien and unusual who felt they were living on borrowed time after miraculously surviving a plane crash, predates the later Marvel Comics creation, The Fantastic Four, also co-created by Kirby as well as Stan Lee, in many respects.
  • Nicolas Cage was cast as Superman in "Superman Lives" before the project was canceled.
  • The film is being released in July 2018, which marks the 15th anniversary of the original Teen Titans (2003) series.
  • Khary Payton is listed among the contacts on Cyborg's phone. That's the name of the actor who voices Cyborg.
  • The song played in the first fight with Balloon Man is a variation of the original Teen Titans (2003) theme.
  • Stan Lee's cameo had the joke that he didn't know he was in a film based on Marvel Comics' rival, DC Comics. However, there is a DC Comics character available that Lee could have used to fit perfectly into the DC Universe story: Funky Flashman. That character is a comedic villain who was a flamboyant and conniving would-be talent promoter created by Jack Kirby in the "Mister Miracle" series that was an obvious caricature of Stan Lee, with whom Kirby felt some bitterness against from his time at Marvel.
  • Jor-El in this film is based on Marlon Brando as Jor-El in Superman (1978).
  • The first Teen Titans series to get its own big screen feature film.
  • When the titans travel back to the past, there's a scene of four turtles slowly walking to a broken vial of chemical liquid. It's a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • When Robin and Jade are sitting on a bench in the park, on the tree on the right side it says "Sam was here". A reference to executive producer Sam Register.
  • After discovering the Doomsday Device, Robin scolds his team about how they're treating Superman, saying he's a national treasure. Nicolas Cage, who voices Superman, is well known for his popular movie "National Treasure".
  • At one point Superman says: "Somebody save me". This makes a reference to the TV show Smallville (about a teenaged Superman) and it's theme song "Save Me" by Remy Zero.
  • James Corden was initially cast as Balloon Man. However, for reasons unknown, he was replaced with Greg Davies.
  • Warner Animation Group's first and so far only traditionally animated film.
  • Patton Oswalt's first animated film since Pixar's Ratatouille (2007), which also starred Will Arnett.
  • Starfire is the only Titan who does not refer to Slade as Deadpool.
  • Aquaman is the only DC Universe character to appear in this film voiced by a straight up voice actor, being Eric Bauza, who was also in 2 Teen Titans Go! (2013).
  • Nicolas Cage's fifth animated film after The Ant Bully (2006), Astro Boy (2009), G-Force (2009), and The Croods (2013).
  • Warner Animation Group's first film to be produced at 1.85:1 and Warner Bros' first animated film to be produced at 1.85:1 since The Ant Bully (2006).
  • The last traditionally animated film with the 1967 MPAA logo.
  • Tara Strong and James Arnold Taylor's fourth time working together after Big Time Rush (2009), The Fairly GodParents (2001) and My Friends Tigger & Pooh (2007).
  • This is the first movie based on Teen Titans to not have any previous theatrical animated films in the franchise.
  • This is the fourth and final theatrically released hand drawn animated movie released in the 2010s after My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) (which also featured Tara Strong.), The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015) and Winnie the Pooh (2011).
  • The first theatrically released hand-drawn animated film since Curious George (2006) to not be nominated for the academy award for best animated feature.
  • The only of the four theatrically released traditionally animated films of the 2010s to not be nominated for the academy award for best animated feature, Winnie the Pooh (2011), The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water (2015), and My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) were nominated but didn't win it, Winnie the Pooh (2011) lost it to Rango (2011), The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water (2015) lost it to Inside Out (2015), and My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) lost it to Coco (2017).
  • Warner Animation Group's second film to be based off already existing animated media after The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017).
  • Cyborg tricks Superman into thinking Lois Lane is being attacked by Gene Hackman. Gene Hackman portrayed Lex Luthor in the Christopher Reeves Superman films.
  • Warner Animation Group's first film to not release in either February or September, as well as the first to release in July.
  • Warner Animation Group's 5th feature film.


  • During a post credit scene, the Teen Titans in their designs in the original Teen Titans (2003) appear, stating that "they may have found a way back".
  • Stan Lee makes his first and only cameo in a DC movie, as he passed away about four months after the release of the film.
  • The Teen Titans keep referring to Slade as Deadpool. Slade's alter ego in the movie is Jade Wilson. Deadpool's real name is Wade Wilson. Deadpool was created as a parody of Deathstroke, The Terminator, the original name for the "Slade" character, whose alter ego is Slade Wilson.
  • After Slade destroys Titans Tower, in the ruin of Raven's room you can see a book with the Grindelwald seal/Deathly Hallows sign from Harry Potter.
  • Only DC movie to feature Marvel elements such as the comic book opening, talking about characters from other universes (Marvel) and a post-credits scene.
  • The scene where Slade enters the research facility and takes out the two guards is a reference to Star Wars: A New Hope, when Darth Vader boards Princess Leia's ship looking for the Death Star plans.
  • When the Titans run over Tiger, played by Michael Bolton, Robin makes a noise of disgust that sounds similar to Bolton's trademark "Yeah!".
  • While summoning the time cycles the theme music from Back To The Future can be heard. The Teen Titans even state "it's time to go back to the future"

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