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Enter this tag in the body of an article as a request for other editors to find citations:

  1. to label a passage which is incomplete without a cited source of information
  2. to label a quotation which lacks a citation, as per Wikipedia:Citing sources.

Unsourced or poorly sourced contentious material about living persons should be removed immediately, not tagged. See this section of WP:BLP.

To find all pages that use this template, see Category:All articles with unsourced statements: a count is maintained by User:Dragons_flight/Category_tracker. The articles will also be categorised by month, by a bot. These categories are subcategories of Category:Articles with unsourced statements. For articles which lack sources, please visit Category:Articles lacking sources.

This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopedic content.


You may use the optional date parameter, e.g. {{Fact|date=November 2020}}. This helps with the categorisation of articles requiring citations. Articles tagged with this template without the parameter will given the parameter by a bot.

The simplest way to add this template to an article is to copy and paste {{Fact|date=November 2020}} at the appropriate place or use {{subst:Fact-now}}

Related redirects

(They all redirect to template:fact)

See also

  • {{Cite}} (deprecated)
  • {{Clarifyme}}, requesting clarification of a hard-to-understand phrase.
  • {{Citequote}}, tagging a request for citation, used for quotations that needs citations to make it complete, but not for seemingly doubtful or false texts.
  • {{Request quote}}, tagging a request for quoting inaccessible source, used for requesting a direct quote from the cited source for verification.
  • {{Verify source}}, tagging a request for source verification, used for information that is doubtful or appears false.
  • {{Verify credibility}}, tagging a request for source verification, used for information that is doubtful or appears false.
  • {{Citecheck}}, popping up a box saying an article or section may have inappropriate or misinterpreted citations.
  • {{Not verified}}, popping up a box saying an article or section has not been verified and may not be reliable.
  • {{Unreferenced}} and {{Unreferenced section}}, popping up a box saying an article or section has no citation or reference for its information.
  • {{or}}, to label a passage of text that may be based upon original research.
  • {{POV-statement}}, to label a passage of text whose neutrality is disputed.
  • {{page number}}, to request a missing page number to an existing reference.
  • {{dubious}}
  • {{list_fact}}, to request supporting material for including a member in a list

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