The Anderson Tapes is a Technicolor 1971 American crime film in Panavision directed by Sidney Lumet, starring Sean Connery and featuring Dyan Cannon, Martin Balsam and Alan King.


John "Duke" Anderson is a burglar (Sean Connery) recently released from prison who returns to his ex-girlfriend (Dyan Cannon) after 10 years to find her living in an expensive New York apartment building as the mistress of a wealthy man. Having learned nothing behind bars, Duke plots to rob every tenant in the building in a single grab, and works quickly to hire his team of thieves. What the gang doesn't realize is that the building is under heavy surveillance from various agencies.


  • Sean Connery as John "Duke" Anderson
  • Dyan Cannon as Ingrid Everleigh
  • Martin Balsam as Tommy Haskins
  • Ralph Meeker as Captain Delaney
  • Alan King as Pat Angelo
  • Christopher Walken as The Kid
  • Val Avery as "Socks" Parelli
  • Dick Anthony Williams as Edward Spencer
  • Garrett Morris as Everson