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The Beast (ItalianIl bestione) is an Italian comedy directed by Sergio Corbucci and stars Gabriella GiorgelliMichel Constantin and Giancarlo Giannini.[1]


 [hide*1 Plot


A Lombardy trucker with 20 years of trade on the back, see you foisted as the second driver a Sicilian much younger men, at first the two are struggling to tie: why so much is rough and taciturn. Their big beast a large truck to transport international wares leading them on the streets of Europe, are friendship between both was born between and it rules sincere harmony. The fellows gathered the savings and signing a lot of bills, on the first trip from owners in Germany to load back comes in trouble with a shady individual police. In problems Sandro and Nino become to dare losing the truck, it will nevertheless be safe and sound from bad adventure, the friends goes an unchanged confidence of his future.[2]



The film premiered on 20 November 1974 in Paris and screened in West Germany on 14 February 1975 as Die Cleveren Zwei with an Warner-Columbia Filmverleih distribution.

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