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The Big Shot is an American film noir crime drama film directed by Lewis Seiler, starring Humphrey Bogart and Irene Manning.


Repeat offender Duke Berne (Humphrey Bogart) reluctantly agrees to go along with the robbery scheme of unscrupulous lawyer Martin Fleming (Stanley Ridges) when he realizes that Fleming's wife is his ex-flame Lorna (Irene Manning). Lorna talks Duke out of taking part, but, after the robbery goes bad, a corrupt witness fingers Duke as one of the gunmen. Fleming provides the innocent George Anderson (Richard Travis) to create an alibi for Duke, but soon the double-crossing begins.


  • Humphrey Bogart as Joseph "Duke" Berne
  • Irene Manning as Lorna Fleming
  • Richard Travis as George Anderson
  • Susan Peters as Ruth Carter
  • Stanley Ridges as Martin T. Fleming
  • Minor Watson as Warden George Booth
  • Chick Chandler as Frank "Dancer" Smith
  • Joe Downing as Frenchy (as Joseph Downing)
  • Howard Da Silva as Sandor
  • Murray Alper as Quinto
  • Roland Drew as Faye
  • John Ridgely as Tim
  • Joe King as Prosecutor Toohey (as Joseph King)
  • John Hamilton as Judge
  • Virginia Brissac as Mrs. Booth
  • William Edmunds as Sarto
  • Virginia Sale as Mrs. Miggs
  • Ken Christy as Kat
  • Wallace Scott as Rusty