Trailer 3 (from Flubber)[edit | edit source]

(Song: "The Flying Circus" by James Horner Music)

(Walt Disney Home Video Logo)

Narrator (Mark Elliot): The Walt Disney company is proud to announce...

(Clips: The Black Cauldron)

Narrator: One of its greatest adventures ever is coming to video for the very first time.

Gurgi: Wow!

(Electric Crackling)

Narrator: Introducing Disney's 25th Animated Classic "The Black Cauldron." Come along on an incredible adventure with some exciting new characters.


Narrator: The brave warrior Taran.

Taran: I'll protect you.

Narrator: The beautiful princess.

(Princess Eilonwy laughs)

Narrator: The mischievous Gurgi, the magical pig Hen-Wen, the fiendish Creeper.

Creeper: I always get blamed for these things!

Narrator: And the evil emperor, The Horned King.

(Song: "Redrum" by Immediate Music)

The Horned King: Soon, the black cauldron will be mine.

Dallben: If the Horned King should find it, nothing could stand against them.

Narrator: Now, Taran and his friends must be the first to find the black cauldron, and save the kingdom.

(Song: "Fire in Paradise" by Immediate Music)

Orddu: The black cauldron can never be destroyed.

(Screaming and Yelling)

(Gurgi yowling)

Taran: Hurry!

(Electricity Crackling)

(Princess Eilonwy screams)

(Song: "Good to Be Alive" by Immediate Music)

(Creeper Laughing)


Narrator: It's a legendary tale you'll want to add to your collection.

Creeper: Y-you're quite right!

Narrator: Full of classic Disney action,

(Creeper kissing)

Narrator: And fun for the whole family.

(Gurgi kissing)


Narrator: For the first time ever on video, the timeless adventure of Disney's 25th animated classic "The Black Cauldron." Coming This Fall, only for a limited time.

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