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[Prologue:] Legend has it, in the mystic land of Prydain. There was once a king so cruel, and so evil, that even the gods feared him. Since no prison could hold him, he was thrown alive into a crucible of molting iron. There his demonic spirit was captured, in the form of a great black cauldron. For uncounted centuries The Black Cauldron lay hidden, while evil men searched for it. Knowing whoever possessed it, would have the power to resurrect an army of deathless warriors. And with them, rule the world.

[At Caer Dallben.......]

Dallben: There's something wrong! I can feel it in my bones. Hmm, the Fair Folk know it too. You don't see any of them around! The Horned King! That black hearted devil! What's he waiting for? (The tomcat jumps in front of him and meows.) YES, yes, Cat, I KNOW you want your breakfast! But just now THINKING is more important! (calls for Taran) Oh,Taran! The pot is boiling over, Taran!

(he sees Taran staring out the window in a daydream.)

Taran: Oh, Dallben, I was just thinking. What if the war's over, and I never had a chance to fight!

Dallben: (who is now looking at old maps) Hmm, and a good thing too. War isn't a game, people get hurt!

Taran: But I'm not afraid!....Ouch! (Taran reaches his hand out in protest, only to touch the boiling pot, burning his finger.)

Dallben: Ah, ha! There you are! If the Horned King ever returned you'll have a great deal more to worry about than a burned finger. (Taran scoops out a spoonful of whatever Dallben was cooking, smelled it, and quickly turned his face away in disgust. He sets it in a small bowl. The cat, hoping it was for him, attempts to eat it and turns away in disgust, too.) No, no, no, no, Cat. That is not for you; it's for Hen Wen.

Taran: (complaining) Hen Wen, Hen Wen, it's ALWAYS Hen Wen!

Dallben: And one day, my boy, you may learn why. Now, no more dreaming, you have chores to do.

Taran: Yes, sir. (And he sets off to feed Hen Wen.)

Dallben: He's so anxious, and so blind to the dangers ahead. (he opens the pot) Look, look Cat you're in luck! Just enough left for you! (the cat backs away) Hmmm?


Taran: Dallben wouldn't understand. I'm not a little boy anymore. (he kicks a stick, and walks over to the flock of geese and tramples across the bridge. He kicks open the gate to Hen Wen's pen.) I should be doing heroic deeds for Prydain! Not waiting hand and foot on a spoiled....Hey!

(Taran had set down the bowl and shoved it in the barrel only for it to come back at him.) (Taran laughing)

         Oh, alright Hen, I didn't mean it.

(a small cute pig comes out of the barrel and looks at the food.)

         You'd better eat it Dallben made it especially for you.

(Hen takes a bite, and swallows hard, and backs away from the food.)

         Is this to be my life? Pampering a pig! I'm a warrior, not an Pig-Keeper.  Dallben thinks I'd be afraid, but I wouldn't. All I need is, is, is a chance! And I could be a famous warrior!

(By now Taran has walked out of the pen, with Hen Wen following. Taran sees a stick and picks it up, pretending it's a sword.)

         Look at me Hen! I can do it! Ha!

( Taran points the 'sword' at Hen and she squeals, runs and hides.)

         Ha, ha, ha, ha. Even you're afraid!

( Taran turns to the geese.)

         You challenge me? Run you cowards! See Hen?

( Dallben's goat comes out and looks at Taran.)

         There you are! His majesty the Horned King! So, we meet at last! Ha!

( Taran takes the stick and rattles it between the goat's horns.)

         Even the Horned King shakes with fear! See Hen? EVERYBODY runs from the famous Taran of Caer Dallben!

( Hen Wen squeals when she sees the goat ready to butt Taran. The goat succeeds in doing so and sends Taran and Hen Wen flying through the mud, while the geese 'laugh' at them. Taran begins to cough.)

         Prydain's finest warrior, draws his last (gasp) breath!

( Taran collapses on the ground, Hen thinking he's not faking, scurries over to him and nudges his cheek, Taran looks at her and finally notices Dallben's shadow.)


Dallben: Hmmm. Not quite the blade for a hero!

Taran: (tossing the stick away.)

         I was... It's just we were....uh, Hen Wen got dirty!

( He begins to brush the mud off Hen Wen.) So I see. Another dream, Taran?

Taran: (wiping the mud off his face.)

         But, Dalben!  Won't I ever be anything but an Assistant Pig-Keeper?

Dallben: ( rubbing Hen Wen's belly)

         She's a SPECIAL pig, Taran! Now give her a nice bath!

Taran: (picking Hen up and carrying her to the basin where she has her bathes.)

         Well Hen, it looks like I'll still be an Assistant Pig-Keeper, even when I'm as old as

(Taran sets her down, and pours a bucket of water on her)

         You like that, don't you. Now for the part you like best.

(Taran begins to scrub Hen Wen's back. She settles herself down, but a concerned look soon overcomes her face, then that face turns to terror. Hen jumps up, and squeals madly.

Taran: Hey, c'mon Hen, I haven't finished scrubbing your bac-.Hen what's the matter? Calm

         down, Hen! Stop it! Please what's the matter?!?! Hen Wen!!

Dallben: (opens the shutters of the cottage because of the noise.)

         Taran! What's going on?!

Taran: I-I don't know! There's something wrong with Hen Wen!

Dallben: (frightened)

         WHAT?!?! Oh, quickly lad, bring her inside!

[You are now inside the cottage. We see Dallben lighting a candle and setting it next to a basin filled with water.]

Taran: What's that for?

Dallben: Put Hen Wen down. I never use her powers unless I have to. But now I must!

Taran: Powers?

Dallben: Taran, what you are about to see, you must never reveal to ANYONE!

(Dallben sticks his oak staff into the water and recites these magic words....)

         Hen Wen, from you I do beseech......
         Knowledge that lies beyond my reach......
         Troubled thoughts weigh on your heart......
         Pray you now those thoughts impart.....

(Hen Wen appears to be dizzy. She drops her snout into the water and images appear. Dallben reads the images.)

Dallben: The Horned King...... (Taran gasps and stifles a cry.)

Dallben: Sshh. Don't interfere! ( he turns back to the images.) He's searching...... The Black Cauldron..! So that's it!

Taran: The Black Cauldron?

Dallben: An awesome weapon, Taran! It's been hidden for centuries, BUT if the Horned King

         should find it, and unleash It's power. NOTHING could stand against him.

(Taran looks at the images and cries:)

Taran: It's Hen Wen!

Dallben: He knows.... (to Hen)

         Stop! Enough!

(Hen quickly backs away from the water. Dallben is more frightened than ever.)

         You must leave here at once! Take Hen Wen to the hidden cottage at the edge of the
         Forbidden Forest. Hide there, never bring her out, until I come for you!

Taran: Hide? But why?

Dallben: Only I knew the secret of Hen Wen's power! But now the Horned King has

         discovered it!  You must make sure he never uses it to find the Black Cauldron!

Taran: Humph! I'm not afraid of the Horned King!

Dallben: Then you are a very foolish lad! Untried courage is no match for his evil. Just remember

         that!  Now, now off you go my boy and take care of yourself!

Taran: Goodbye Dallben! I won't fail you! (Taran and Hen Wen walk out the door.)

Dallben: So much. So soon. To rest upon his young shoulders!

[Now we see a castle with gwythaints swooping around it, and we zero in on the courtroom filled with skeletons that are clothed, and armed with weapons. We see a robed figure at the top of the stairs. The robe is crimson, and a fur stole is wrapped around the neck, and held by a gold broach. The fur stole trails down the figure's back 'till it reaches the ground. Huge horns stick straight out of the figure's head, ripped through the hood of the robe. Now we realize that the figure is the Horned King, the exact one Dallben fears and spoke of. The Horned King quietly walks down the stairs and begins to talk to his lifeless skeleton warriors.]

Horned King: Oh, yes! Yes, my soldiers. Soon the Black Cauldron will be mine. Its evil power will course through my veins, and I shall make you... CAULDRON-BORN! Yes! YES! Oh,yes! Then you will worship ME! Me. Oh, my soldiers, how long I have thirsted to be the God among mortal men!

[Now we see Taran and Hen Wen walking through the forest.]

Taran: Gosh Hen Wen! I never knew you could create visions and things like that! I thought you were just an ordinary pig. I had no idea you so.. SPECIAL. Dallben's going to be glad he put his trust in me! Just you wait and see!(to Hen Wen.) Now, don't go wandering about! And don't you worry! Keep close to me and no one will do you any harm. Not while I'm around. (he stops at a stream and takes a quick drink.)

         And I won't let the Horned King get close to you Hen. I'll protect you!

( Taran looks into the stream and sees himself dressed in a golden armor, bowing to a crowd, while a voice glorifies him.)

The Voice: Taran of Caer Dallben, the greatest warrior in all Prydain! A true hero!

Taran: Thank you, thank you, thank you all! But without the help of my pig, Hen Wen here I... (Taran flashes out his dream, and sees that Hen is gone.)

        Hen Wen? Where are you? Hen Wen?  Oh no!

(Taran dashes into the forest.) "Hen Wen, Hen Wen, it Hen? Hen Wen! (echo) Hen Wen..... (Taran becomes a bit scared of the forest looming around him then hears a branch snap. Taran flattens himself against a tree.)

         Is that you Hen?

(Taran walks forward and pulls out an apple.)

         Look what I've got. C'mon out here's a lovely juicy...

(Taran is suddenly pushed to the ground, and something scrambles after the apple.)

Gurgi: Whaha!!!! Ooooooooo! Great Prince give poor starving Gurgi munchings and

         crunchings!  Nice apple! Good Prince, good apple! Oh boy! What a juicy apple!

(Gurgi begins to walk away, but Taran grabs him by the scruff of the neck.)

Taran: Hey! No you don't! I didn't give you that apple, you took it! (Gurgi bites his hand.)


(Gurgi runs and hides in a nearby bush.)

         Hey! Hold on you hairy little thief! Come back with my apple!

(Taran picks up a stick.)

         If you don't give it back you'll be sorry! I mean it! I 'm warning you!

(Gurgi comes out of hiding.)

         Give it back!

(Gurgi looks like he is holding the apple, but when he opens his hands and/or paws. The apple isn't there)

         C'mon the apple! Where is it?

Gurgi: Uh,ah! Gurgi has not seen the apple- uhoh! (the apple has rolled out behind Gurgi's back, and he leaps on top of the apple to hide it.)

Taran: Give it back, I warn you! C'mon! (Gurgi tosses the apple about in his hands, and looks at it like his heart is going to break.)

        C'mon the apple, let's have it!

(Gurgi takes a huge bite out of the apple then hands it to Taran.)

        You horrible greedy thing! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Gurgi: (Appears to cry)

        Ooooohhh!  Poor miserable Gurgi deserves fierce smackings and whackings on his poor tender head! (sniff) All is left with no munchings and crunchings! Forgive poor Gurgi!

Taran: Oh, stop that sniveling! I'm not going to hurt you. Now look here! Have you seen my


Gurgi: Piggy? Round, fat piggy? Big snout!

Taran: Yes,yes.

Gurgi: Curly tail!

Taran: That's her! That's Hen Wen!

Gurgi: Uhah, nope. Gurgi has not seen piggy! Nope!

Taran: Oh, never mind! No telling where Hen Wen is by now! (Taran stuffs the apple into his vest. Gurgi follows him, hoping to get the apple.)

Gurgi: Oh, master, master! Now Gurgi remembers! Yes! Yes! Clever sharp-eyed Gurgi saw the

         piggy run, right through the forest! Uhuh! Uhuh! I saw it! Uhuh! I saw it!

(Pulling Taran by the hand.)

         Come! Gurgi will find the lost piggy! Then we'll be friends forever!

(He jumps on Taran and begins to search his vest for the apple.)

         Munchings and crunchings in here somewhere!

(Taran and Gurgi freeze when they hear a high pitched squeal from Hen Wen.)

Taran: It's Hen Wen! She's in trouble!

Gurgi: Goodbye! (Gurgi runs and hides because trouble is nearby.)

Taran: Hen Wen! Hen! (Taran comes to clearing and sees Hen running from a gwythaint- a type of winged dragon. The gwythaints swoop over Hen trying to grap her.)

         Hen Wen! Hen Wen look out!

(Hen runs madly across the field, they still are after her.)

         Look out! C'mon hurry Hen! No! Don't! Hen hurry!

(The gwythaint grabs Hen Wen and begins to carry her off, Taran pulls on the Gwythaints tail.)

         No! Don't! Stop! No!

(The other gwythaint seizes Taran and drops him to the ground as they fly away.)

         No! Come back! Please! No! No! Come back!

(Taran runs through some thorn bushes, and climbs up a rocky hill, only to see, at the top, the gwythaints flying away to th Horned King's castle.)

         Hen Wen, I must get her out of there!

Gurgi: Oh, no! Great Lord! Not go in there! Forget the piggy!

Taran: What are you doing here?

Gurgi: Gurgi come back to be your friend!

Taran: Friend? Humph! You're no friend! Why you run away when I.. Oh! never mind! I

         promised Dallben I'd keep Hen safe! I have to go!

(Taran begins to walk toward the castle, and a lighting bolt flashes. Taran backs away in fear.)

         Are you coming?

Gurgi: Me? Go in there? Oh! No, no! It's a terrible place!

Taran: Just as I thought! You're no friend! You're just a...a.. a miserable coward! (Taran takes the apple out of his vest and looks at it.)

        Here this is all you wanted!

(Taran throws the apple at Gurgi and it hits the ground.)

Gurgi: If Great Lord go into evil castle, poor Gurgi will never see his friend again! Nope!


[Now we see Taran trying to get inside the castle and he is climbing a wall, he sees a beam of light and sees he has found a window. Taran tears away the branch that blocked the window, and he climbs inside. Taran looks around the strange hallway. Quietly he gets up, and begins to search for Hen Wen. As he rounds a corner, Taran hears a snort. Carefully Taran looks around to see a guard sleeping, his head resting on a table. Taran quickly slips past the guard, but looks back to make sure he wasn't seen. Then the guard dog sees Taran and barks viciously at him. The guard wakes up, but instead of looking to see what the dog was barking at, the guard yanks the dog's leash.]

Guard: Shutup ya thick-skulled dolt! Always barking at nothing ! Alright, might as well make our rounds!

[Taran begins to get out of the corner he was hiding in, but he accidentally pushes open a hidden door. Taran looks into a large dining hall, with a throne at one end. The Henchman celebrate the capture of Hen Wen. The Henchmen cry out bloodcurdling threats at each other, at Prydain, and at a dwarf called Creeper. Creeper had just been trying to snatch a little supper for himself. But the Henchman won't allow it. They trip Creeper, who lands hard on the ground. Just then a chilly wind blows through the dining hall that stirs the wall hangings. Everyone becomes deadly silent, and all the candles and torches blow out. A small explosion occurs at one end of the hall. And there stands the Horned King himself. Creeper hurries over to the throne and begins to dust it.]

Creeper: Welcome Your majesty! We're celebrating our success! I-I-I mean YOUR success!

         We have made no mistakes this time !

(The Horned King seats himself,and begins to drink the wine Creeper poured for him.)

         Bring in the prisoner!

(One of the Henchmen brings out Hen Wen all chained up.)

         There sire! This is the pig that creates visions!

( to Hen Wen)

         Alright pig! Show his majesty where the Black Cauldron can be found! Go on, show it!

( Hen refuses.)

         Heh, heh! Stubborn little thing, isn't she? Heh, heh.

(the Horned King grabs Creeper and throws him to the ground.)

         Why yes, sire. You're quite right! I'll take take care of it at once!

( to Hen)

         The Black Cauldron! Where is it? Show us, swine!

(Creeper shoves Hen's face into the bowl of water they want the visions to be seen. Hen still refuses, then Creeper grabs a hot coal.)

          I warn you! The King's patience is short!

Taran: No! Don't! Nooooo! (Taran falls from his perch and lands on the floor, the Henchmen, run over to capture him. Taran picks up a broom and points it at them.)

         Get back! Or I'll, I'll...

(One of the Henchmen look at Taran and laughs, he takes his sword, and with one swing cuts the broom into a million pieces. Taran looks at what's left of the broom in disbelief.)


(the Henchmen picks Taran up and points his sword at Taran's stomach.)

Creeper: Release him! (the Henchmen looks at Taran, then throws him over by Hen Wen. Taran tries to calm her.)

Taran: Hen Wen! Oh, Hen Wen! There, there.

Horned King: I presume, my boy. You are the keeper of this oracular pig.

Taran: (Who is scared out of his wits.)

          Y-y-y-y- yes, sir.

Horned King: Then instruct her to show me the whereabouts of the Black Cauldron!

Taran: Oh, sir! I-I can't, I promised!

Horned King: Very well, in that case the pig is no use to me! (Creeper begins to laugh madly and grabs Hen Wen. Taran tries to stop him, but he is seized by one of the Henchmen.)

Taran: What are you going to do?!?! (He sees Creeper place Hen on a chopping-block.)

         No! You can't! Don't!

(the axe is raised...)

         No! Stop! I'll make her tell you!

Horned King: That's better.

Creeper: Now, get on with the visions, pig!

Taran: ( sadly ) Hen Wen from you I do beseech.....

         Knowledge that lies beyond my reach......

Creeper: Look! Look sire! It's working!

Horned King: The Black Cauldron! So it does exist for sure! ( The Horned King gets up from his throne and walks toward Taran.)

        Yes. Where is it? Show me. Show me!

[The Horned King lunges at Taran. Taran cries out in terror, and backs away spilling the water where visions are taking place. The water hits the Horned King's 'eyes' and he screams in fury and in pain. Taran scrambles to his feet and picks up Hen Wen.]

Taran: C-c'mon Hen!

Creeper: After them! Get them! After them!

[The Henchmen chase Taran. The gwythaints, who have been chained to one of the beams, fly after Taran. Because they are so strong, the gwythaints ripped the beam right off the wall, forcing the Henchmen to give up the chase for the few seconds that the beam takes to get ahead of them. Taran, who, is running for dear life, is almost caught by the gwythaints. If it wasn't for the beam catching in a doorway. The Henchmen are on the chase again. Taran runs into the kitchen, where a cook is cutting meat with a rather large knife. Taran tries to get out but Creeper blocks his way. Creeper lunges at Taran. Hen squeals making Taran turn his head seeing that rather large knife coming at him. Taran ducks missing the knife and Creeper.]

Creeper: Gotcha! Pig boy! (Creeper flies over Taran and hits the cook. Taran runs into the next hallway, seeing that the Henchmen are closing in. Taran goes through a door and locks it behind him. As Taran turns around he sees he's at a balcony, and dead end. Taran looks over the battlements and notices it is a easy jump to the moat.)

Taran: The moat! It's our only chance! C'mon Hen! (Taran tries pushing Hen Wen over. Taran sees the swords and axes of the Henchmen hacking away the door. Taran with one final push sends Hen Wen into the moat.)

Taran: Swim, Hen! Swim! ( Taran readies himself to jump.)

         I'm coming!

( Taran is dragged backwards. Creeper has grabbed his legs.)

Creeper: Gotcha! Pig boy! ( Creeper drags Taran over to the Horned King.)

         I caught him, Your Majesty! I caught the boy!

( The Horned king picks Creeper up by the throat.)

Horned King: But you let the pig go, didn't you?

Creeper: I wasn't my fault! ( The Horned King chokes Creeper, then throws him to the ground.)

Horned King: Throw the boy into the dungeon!

  • * * * * * *

[Taran is brought to a dungeon, only a small grating gives him light. Taran is feeling that he has failed his quest, and broke his promise to Dallben. As Taran sits, the words that he once said and heard haunt him.]

Voice of Dallben: You must make sure he never uses Hen Wen to find the Black Cauldron!

Voice of Taran: I won't fail you, Dallben. Look at me Hen, I can do it!

(Taran shakes these words out of his mind, looks around him and picks up a rock about the size of his hand and slams it against the dungeon wall, and begins to cry. The voices no longer bother him.

Taran: ( sobbing ) I can do it! I can do it.

(To Taran it looks like all hope is lost. He crouches on the floor and cries out his failure. Then when it seems to us all hope is lost, one of the flagstones gets pushed up and moved to the side. A bright ball of light comes up from the hole the flagstone was covering. The ball of light (bauble) flirts around in mid-air providing light for the beautiful young girl that climbs out of the hole. The girl has long red-gold hair that reaches down to her waist, and blue eyes.)

"Oh, such a dreary place!" Taran: ( who watches the bauble with distrust and curiosity.)

         Yes, yes! I...

Eilonwy: ( who cuts Taran off )

         You're being held a prisoner, aren't you?

Taran: ( still watching the bauble.)


Eilonwy: I've been held against my will, too.

Taran: ( The bauble floats in front of him. Taran touches the bauble with his hand. The bauble flickers, then the light comes back and madly circles around Taran, who, has jumped back in fear.)

        It lights up!

Eilonwy: ( laughing ) Why of course, it's magic! Oh, I hate this place! I do hope there aren't any

         rats in here. Oh, not that I really mind them you know, but they do jump out at one so! I'm
         Princess Eilonwy.  Are you a lord.....or a warrior?

Taran: Er, no, I'm, uh, an assistant pig-keeper.

Eilonwy: Oh, what a PITY. I was so hoping for someone who could help me escape! Oh well, if

         you want to come with me you may.

Taran: Can I?

Eilonwy: Why yes! I just said you could. ( Eilonwy disappears into the hole with Taran following her.)

         Oh, that wicked, wicked king! You know, he stole me. He thought my bauble could tell
         him where some old cauldron was.

Taran: That's what he wanted my pig for.

Eilonwy: ( giggling )

         Oh, yes! Your PIG!

Taran: But my pig can tell the future!

Eilonwy: Oooooo! How interesting! Well, you better stay close to me or you'll get lost.

(The bauble flies around the dark passages that no one but Eilonwy has been in for years. The bauble chases the rats that live in the passages, for Eilonwy doesn't like them.)

Taran: Your bauble!

Eilonwy: Oh, it's always chasing those rats! ( Taran finds a hole in the wall and looks in. Eilonwy looks too.)

         A burial chamber! This could be the tomb of the great king who built this castle! Before the
         Horned King took it over ..Ahh!

( The wall begins to fall apart. Taran falls forward and Eilonwy backs away. The dust settles leaving a hole big enough to walk through.)

         Are you all right?

( Taran looks at her like he wants to say 'oh, you little..'. Eilonwy sees he is allright.)

         Well, c'mon then! Help me have a look around.

(Taran gets up and walks over to the body of the fallen king.)

Taran: He must have been a great warrior! ( Taran looks more closely at the body and sees a faint outline of a sword.)

         A sword!

( Taran dusts the sword and the its golden hilt shows through. Taran gasps at his discovery. Then Taran's attention is drawn to Eilonwy who is watching Creeper and one of the Henchmen.)

Creeper: This will please him! Piece of good luck this time! Hurry! In with it! Hurry! He'll

         reward me for this! Don't stop you weakling! Put your back into it!

(Creeper is leading the Henchmen, who is pulling a cart but you can't see who or what is on it because it is covered by a sheet, into one of the Horned King's rooms. Before Creeper closes the doors behind him an arm belonging to a skeleton warrior drags behind the cart. The doors close, the coast is clear.)

Eilonwy: Let's get out of here before they come back! ( Taran and Eilonwy sneak by the doors and stop around the next corner. Now Eilonwy notices that Taran has a sword.)

         Where did you get that sword?

Taran: Uh, back there.

Eilonwy: You mean...

Taran: Well, he's not going to use it! (Suddenly they hear a dog barking and a voice pleading. They go to see who it is.)

Fflewddur: You're making a horrendous mistake! I'm not a spy! I'm a bard! I sing! Uh, I

         entertain! Oh, careful sir, these are the hands of an artist!

Guard: This'll hold you!

Fflewddur: Now, look, you seem an intelligent sort of chap to me! (The guard looks at him with an expression that says 'duh')

         I assure you I had no idea who owned this castle! I just happened to be passing!

( Fflewddur looks at the guard )

         Oh, he's nice! What's his name?

( The dog tries to bite Fflewddur, but the guard leads the dog away.)

         Down! You don't realize who I am! I shall sing of your dastardly deed! I'm Fflewddur
         Fflam! Minstrel of minstrels! Balladeer to the grandest courts in all the land!

( The harp, that hangs from a string around Fflewddur's neck, shakes violently and one of the strings snap. Fflewddur looks at the harp and simply replies.)

         Well, so you've forgotten! I've sung in some of the finest courts!

(Another string breaks, it seems it does so when Fflewddur lies or exaggerates.)

         Well I'm only waiting for an invitation!

( a fat string breaks.)

         Oh, shush! Why do you judge every word I say? Oh! What's that?

( He sees a skeleton of a former minstrel chained to the wall.)


Eilonwy: Oh, hello! We'll have you untied in a moment. I'm Princess Eilonwy. And you are in bad

         trouble aren't you?

Fflewddur: Trouble? Don't you know where you are? Haven't you seen him?

(A noise stops their conservation. Fflewddur, who, is half free with one hand still tied up. They are suddenly alerted that the Henchmen know Taran is missing.)

Henchmen: ( from behind a door.)

         Pig- boy's escaped! Look in there!

Taran: We've been discovered!

Fflewddur: You? Oh! Great Berlin! Run! Run! Make haste! ( to himself ) Make haste? I've must

         save myself!

[Taran and Eilonwy run for dear life. Taran would've have made it across the parapet if he hadn't tripped on a flagstone. Eilonwy, not seeing Taran's fault, keeps on going. As Taran gets up he realizes the sword is gone. Taran looks around him and sees that the sword has fallen in the ditch that is aside the parapet. Hearing the Henchmen, Taran jumps into the ditch and, grabbing the sword, crawls underneath one of the arches of the parapet. The Henchmen pass over him, without being seen. When they're gone, Taran climbs on the parapet and searches for Eilonwy.]

Taran: Princess! Princess Eilonwy! (Clutching the sword, Taran rounds a corner and runs into one of the Henchmen.)

Henchmen: Pig-boy! You little scut!

[With a single blow with his hand, the Henchmen sends Taran sprawling. The Henchmen takes out his axe and swings at Taran, missing him only by a hair! Taran grabs onto a beam to help him get on his feet. The Henchmen swings again, missing Taran but his axe is caught in the beam. Taran sees that his only hope is the sword. Taran grabs the sword and holds it to fend off any blows the Henchmen may bring upon him. The Henchmen has pulled his axe free of the beam and is going to chop Taran in half. The Henchmen brings his axe down on Taran's sword. There is a bright light as the two weapons clash. The Henchmen's axe shudders and breaks into a million pieces. Frightened, the Henchmen backs away. Taran now realizes that the sword he holds is magic. Taran also realizes that he is invincible with the sword. Taran laughs madly as he get up and swings the sword around. Eilonwy walks in on the scene and looks at Taran like he's gone crazy.]

Eilonwy: Are you all right? (Taran turns around and looks at Eilonwy. Taran seems different now, like he has some bravery that was unleashed by the Magic Sword.)

Taran: Oh, good! You're safe!

Eilonwy: Why of course! I-

Taran: C'mon! I'm going to get you out of here!

Eilonwy: Ahhhhhhhhh!!! (Taran pulls on Eilonwy's hand and drags her behind him as he runs through the castle with the Magic Sword in hand, trying to find a way out of the castle.)

Henchmen: There they are!

Taran: (He pulls Eilonwy up a flight of stairs with the Henchmen close behind them.)

         Quick! Up here!

(Eilonwy screams as she sees one of the Henchmen coming at them with a sword ready to strike. Taran holds up the Magic Sword and swings at the Henchmen. With a burst of light the Magic Sword shatters the other sword, and throws the Henchmen over their heads and crashing into the other Henchmen behind them. Eilonwy looks at the sword in awe.)

Eilonwy: Taran, the sword!

Fflewddur: Great Belin! ( They look up to see Fflewddur Fflam running for dear life with a savage Guard Dog right behind him.)

         Help! Murder! Get DOWN!!!!!!!

(Taran and Eilonwy come to a store room filled with wine barrels.)

Taran: Keep going, Princess!

(Taran takes the magic sword and splits open the wine barrels. He follows Eilonwy and again grabs her hand and drags her through the courtyard. Everyone has seen them by now and they all are on the chase.)

Eilonwy: Taran!!

Creeper: There they are! (Taran and Eilonwy find the drawbridge. But they are trapped.)

Creeper: C'mon! Get them!

Eilonwy: Oh no! Taran!

Creeper: Ha, ha,ha! We've got you now, pig boy! (One of the Henchmen throws an axe and it almost hits Eilonwy.)

Eilonwy: Ah! Taran! DO something! Use the sword!

(Taran, who is trying not to get hit with the spears that are being thrown at him, swings at the chain holding up the drawbridge. The chain breaks from the touch of the Magic Sword. Creeper and the Henchmen back away in fear. Suddenly, Fflewddur appears with the Guard Dog still behind him.)

Fflewddur: Make way! Make way! Step aside! I've never hurt you! Get, get out of my way! (The drawbridge is lowered and Fflewddur tries to cross it but the Guard Dog has grabbed hold of the seat of Fflewddur's pants.) Let me down you brute!

Taran: Run, Princess! Run! (The gate comes down, tearing Fflewddur's pants, he runs off holding up what's left of them.)

Fflewddur: ( to Taran.)

         Why didn't you tell me you had a magic sword?!?!?

(We return just in time to see Creeper report the escape of the 'pig boy', the princess, and the bard. Creeper is climbing the staircase to the Horned King's room, nervous about what the King might do to him.)

Creeper: It wasn't my fault! That's it! That's it! I always get blamed for these things! I'll just tell

         him. . . and if he gets mad. . .oh, OH!! I'll just straighten him out! That's it! I'm not going to
         get kicked around for this!!

( He quietly knocks on the Horned King's door.)


Horned King: You bring news of the pig?

Creeper: Not exactly, sire. It's the pig-keeper, sir. He's..Oh!..he's ( whispering )

         he's escaped.. ( louder)

( The Horned King signals Creeper to come to him.)

         Oh, sire! Allow me!!

(Creeper starts to choke himself.)

         Is, is that enough?

Horned King: Good. He'll find his pig! Send the gwythaints to follow that boy!

Creeper: Oh, yes, sire! Oh, yes! By all means, sire! (Creeper leaves the room, laughing madly. Now we see gwythaints searching for the trio. Though Taran, Fflewddur, and Eilonwy are out of sight of the gwythaints. They rest in a glade. Taran is polishing the Magic Sword. Eilonwy is sewing the rip in Fflewddur's pants made by the Guard Dog. Fflewddur stands behind a bush with his boxers on, making up a song about himself.)

Fflewddur: ( in song )

         The world will applaud me. 
         Its praise will reward me. 
         And I, Fflewddur Fflam
         Will find fame!

Eilonwy: There almost finished Fflewddur. Hmm, its not too good, but it'll hold for a while.

Fflewddur: Yes, I shall sing of your deed!

Eilonwy: It would be better to sing of our heroic escape! Weren't you a bit frightened Fflewddur?

Fflewddur: A Fflam frightened? Ho, ho! The word is not in my vocabulary! ( he looks at his harp strings that are about to break and quickly adds.)

         In this case well chosen, my dear.

Taran: I wasn't afraid!

Eilonwy: Not afraid?! Why, we were running for our lives!

Taran: Well, I got us out of the castle, didn't I?

Eilonwy: You?! I'd say it was the sword's magic.

Taran: But it takes a great warrior to handle a sword like this!

Eilonwy: But, still, it is a magic sword!

Taran: Humph! What does a GIRL know about swords anyway?!

Eilonwy: Girl? GIRL?!?! If it weren't for this, GIRL, you would still be in the Horned King's


Fflewddur: Here now, now. Princess Eilonwy, Taran....

Eilonwy: Well at least I don't keep talking about it FOREVER! Oh, you're so, so BORED!

Fflewddur: Princess Eilonwy!!

Eilonwy: How dare you take his side!!! (Eilonwy throws Fflewddur's pants in his face.)

Fflewddur: Well I really didn't mean to-to-to...interfere, heh, heh!

Taran: Silly girl! Even if she is a princess! (Eilonwy is obviously very hurt by Taran's last remark. Now we get a hint that Eilonwy likes Taran. Eilonwy and Taran walk off in different directions, leaving Fflewddur all by himself.)

Fflewddur: We are going to have to- to to.... Oh, dear. (Taran walks around slowly and thinks about what he said to Eilonwy. He decides to apologize. He finds Eilonwy leaning on a willow tree, crying.)

Taran: (sheepishly) Hello.

Eilonwy: (sees Taran and brushes away her tears.)

         Hello. Fflewddur is right, you know. We are going to have to work together. And we'll find
         your pig. I'm sure it's important.

Taran: Thank you for getting me out of the dungeon.

Eilonwy: Oh, we couldn't have done it without you.

Taran: But a least we're all safe.

Fflewddur: Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! Great Belin!!

Taran: Fflewddur!! (Fflewddur is sprawled on the ground. Gurgi, is sitting on him, robbing Fflewddur of all his belongings.)

Fflewddur: Help! Murder! Hurry!

Gurgi: Ha, ha! Gurgi's lucky day! ( picks up Fflewddur's hat.)


Fflewddur: Yes! Keep it! It's a gift!

Gurgi: ( picks up Fflewddur's harp.)

         Oh, this! Gurgi want this!

Fflewddur: Take it! I'm sure you've murdered for less! Ugh! (Gurgi tries to pull the harp away, but the string is around Fflewddur's neck. Practically chocking Fflewddur, Gurgi gives one last pull when Taran shows up at the scene with the Magic Sword drawn.)

Taran: Gurgi! (Gurgi quickly lets the harp go, sending it smashing into Fflewddur's head. Gurgi stutters trying to think of an excuse.)

Gurgi: Master! Uh, uh, old man...FALL DOWN! ( to Fflewddur.)

         Get up. Get up!

Fflewddur: ( Brushing off the harp)

         Well! Really! Who is your pungent little friend?

Taran: He's no friend of mine. He's just a coward, and a thief. (Gurgi takes of Fflewddur's hat and gives it back.)

Gurgi: Humph! Too big anyway! (Eilonwy joins her friends to see Gurgi. Gurgi fixes his hair for Eilonwy.)

Eilonwy: ( to Gurgi ) You're charming!

Gurgi: And pungent too!

Taran: ( to Gurgi.)

         Well, what are you waiting for?

Fflewddur: Yes. Yes exactly! Toddle off! Toddle off!

Gurgi: Humph! Gurgi go! (Gurgi starts to walk away, than sees Eilonwy's footprints.) Tracks? TRACKS! Gurgi remembers! Saw piggy's tracks!

Taran: You did?

Gurgi: Today!

Taran: Today? Wait a minute!

Fflewddur: You'll try anything!

Eilonwy: Oh, you're both horrid! He just might know.

Gurgi: Pretty lady come too? (He pulls on her dress.)

Eilonwy: Well, I . . . .

Gurgi: Yes! Yes! Yes! Follow Gurgi! Follow Gurgi!

Taran: You'd better be telling the truth!

Gurgi: Gurgi not lie. Not this time. (The companions follow Gurgi. Soon they come to a small pond. Where Gurgi proudly shows Taran Hen Wen's tracks.)

Gurgi: See master? Piggy's footsteps! No lie.

Taran: Oh, good. They look fresh. (Gurgi sets out crossing the small stepping stones on the pond. As soon as he is in the middle of the pond, all the stepping stones disappear except for the stone Gurgi is standing on. That stone begins to spin and sink into the water. The pond turns into a whirlpool sucking Gurgi in.)

Gurgi: Oh, master! Master!!!

Taran: Gurgi! (Taran is not strong enough. He is pulled in with Gurgi. Eilonwy grabs on to Fflewddur trying to pull out Gurgi and Taran.)

Eilonwy: Oh, Taran! Give me your hand!

Fflewddur: We're doomed! (Eilonwy and Fflewddur fall into the whirlpool. Taran, Gurgi, Eilonwy and Fflewddur and sucked into the depths below. The whirlpool settles leaving Taran, Gurgi, Princess Eilonwy, and Fflewddur Fflam on a floor of an underground realm. Exhausted from the whirlpool, they sleep, as some young "locals" observe them.)

Little Boy 1: How did they get in here?

Little Boy 2: Ha! Old Doli's whirlpool broke again! ( begins to giggle )

Little Girl: I think they wake up soon. We'd better tell King Eidilleg.

Little Boy 2: No, silly! You know we're not supposed to be up here!

Little Girl: Uh oh, we are going to be in trouble!

Little Boy 2: Not me! (and turns invisible)

Little Girl: Me either! (she starts to fly away then sees the king coming toward her, she turns invisible.)

         Uh oh!

(King Eidilleg has come to inspect how the fixing of the whirlpool is coming. Doli, Eidilleg's grumpy, hot-tempered, sharp-witted servant, is trying to fix the whirlpool.)

Eidilleg: Oh , yes, I see you fixed that.

Doli: Yuuuuuup! When I get...... this pole.... up here.. I'll be finished!

Eidilleg: Good! Yes, it SHOULD work.

Doli: It's PERFECT!!! (the structure suddenly breaks)

         Grab that pole!

Eidilleg: Ugh! I've got it! (the whole thing falls apart )

Eilonwy: Aren't you all darling!

Eidilleg: Oh, uh, hello. I'm King Eidilleg of the Fair Folk and this...

Doli: How in the blazes did they get in here?!?! (the whole structure collapses on them )

Eidilleg:( to Doli )

         I thought I told you to fix the whirlpool!

Doli: I fixed it! I did fix it! It was perfect!

Eidilleg: Evidently not completely perfect! Its supposed to keep them OUT! (turns back to our heros )

         Uh, can I be of any service?

Doli: Is everything that happens around here MY fault?!

Eidilleg: Are you here on a friendly visit?

Doli: And I suppose it's my fault that the pig's here, too!

Taran: Hen Wen ?

Eidilleg: Oh, she's your pig!

Doli: Oh, GOOD! One less thing for old Doli to worry about!

Eidilleg: Oh, Doli !!! (calling to him )

Doli: What now?!?!

Eidilleg: Would you hurry up and fetch the pig?

Doli: PIG?!?! (he flies off and takes off his hat and kicks it, then sees some young fair folk giggling at him)


Little Girl: Oh, oh, Mr. Doli. I just want to see the pretty lady.

Doli: Allright, but you watch yourself, ya' hear? (all the Fair Folk go to see the visitors)

Eilonwy: I cannot believe my eyes your Majesty! (she laughs as the Fair Folk swarm around her.)

Doli: Watch it! Watch it! (Hen Wen comes running through, tramping Doli, eager to see Taran.)

Taran: Oh, Hen ! Thank goodness you're safe! (Hen Wen lands on Taran's lap, and he he pets her. )

Eidilleg: ( to Fflewddur )

        Tell me, is the burning and killing, STILL going on up there?

Fflewddur: You're refering to, tha, that, that joke on humanity, the Horned King!

Eidillig: Well no one ever stands UP to him!

Taran: We've seen him. And if he finds the cauldron ( pause, and looks at Hen Wen )

         He'll kill us all!

Eidilleg: Oh, no, no! He'll never find it! No, no! It's safely hidden, in Morva.

Taran: Morva?

Eidilleg: Well, at least I think it is. (then calls )

         Oh, Doli ! Is it?!

Doli: Yuuuuuup! Is that my new job?! Remembering where the cauldron was last seen!

Eidilleg: Oh, he'll know right where it is! You'll see!

Taran: If we could get to the cauldron first... and destroy it!

Eilonwy: Oh, it isn't right Taran.

Taran: Don't you see? If we destroy the cauldron, it would stop the Horned King! (then looks at Eilonwy, and holds her hand )

         Please, come with me?

Eidilleg: Well, I never thought of Morva! That's a hard place to get to!

Doli: Yuuuuup!

Eidilleg: Why, you can take them!

Doli: What?!?!

Fflewddur: You mean we're trusting our lives to, to, to him? (Doli flies crossley to him. And Fflewddur hides his face behind his harp. )

Doli: And what, is wrong, with ME!?!?

Fflewddur: Oh! Ah, nothing! Splendid choice in fact! Heh, heh. (a string on his harp breaks )

Eidilleg: (to the Fair Folk)

         Shall we then ?

(The Fair Folk turn invisible and lift our heros to the exit of the realm.)

Gurgi: Oooooooohhhhhh!!

Taran: Oh, wait!!! Hen Wen.

Eidilleg: Don't worry! We'll get her home safely!

Taran: Thank you, sir! Be good Hen! (The companions float up, and on their way to The Marshes of Morva. We now view an area that resembles a swamp. A eerie mist covers the ground. We see Taran, Princess Eilonwy, Gurgi, Fflewddur Fflam, and Doli, who is sitting atop Fflewddur's hat. Eilonwy is stepping carefully, so she won't dirty herself. Fflewddur who is looking worse for wear, seems to be exhausted.)

Doli: Well, if it's the Marshes of Morva you wanted, here ya' are!

Eilonwy: Oh, such a dreary place!

Taran: Let's see what it looks like from up here. (Taran walks to a small ledge overlooking the marshes.)

Eilonwy: ( to Taran )

         I think we're lost.

Fflewddur: ( To Doli )

         Are you sure this is the right place, Doli?

Doli: Yes, I'm sure!

Fflewddur: Well, if you ask me.....Aaahhhhh! ( Fflewddur walks over a small ledge.)

Eilonwy: Fflewddur! Doli!

Taran: Are you all right?

Doli: Hey! Look out you big clumsy oaf! Look wher--.Uh oh! (Doli sees a cottage, where the Black Cauldron is hidden.) Welcome to Morva.

Taran: ( Who has walked up to the cottage.)

         Well, someone must live here.

Gurgi: Gurgi not like this place! Uh-uh! Nooooooo!

Eilonwy: ( looking in a window.)

         It seems empty. Maybe we should have a look.

Taran: ( now trying to push the door open.)

        If I could just....get this... door open!

(The door opens, and they look around.)

Eilonwy: How will we ever find the Black Cauldron in a place like this?

Taran: It must be here somewhere! (They begin to look for the Cauldron. Eilonwy looks in the drawer, Taran looks in a cabinet. Gurgi looks behind a door. Taran opens a chest and myriad of frogs jump out heading for the door. Eilonwy screams.)

Taran: They're only frogs Eilonwy.

Doli: Those were people!!

Taran: You mean they were turned into frogs! (Gurgi suddenly jumps on Taran and shakes him madly.)


Gurgi: Oh, master! Come quickly! Gurgi finds the wicked Cauldron! Quick! Quick! Follow


(Gurgi leads the group into the next room.)

         Behold master!

Taran: The whole room is full of cauldrons!

Eilonwy: I don't understand! Why would, why would anyone want so many....

Orgoch: Ah! Thieves! Thieves! (The group returns to the main room, a small explosion lights it and three women appear.)

Orddu: Someone stole all our frogs! You evil, nasty people! You shall all be turned into frogs and


Orgoch: ( feeling Taran's arm.)

         Nice and tender!

Taran: Stop that! You. ... ..

Fflewddur: So nice to meet you ladies. Uh, goodbye! (a hand reaches out and pulls Fflewddur. )

Orwen: Wait! My, aren't you the handsome one! (she hugs Fflewddur who is quite shocked.)

Fflewddur: Who? Who? M-m-m-m-m, ME?!?!

Orwen: Oh, honestly now! Don't you find me irresistible?

Fflewddur: Yes. Quite so! ( A string in his harp breaks.)

         Shush! Stop that!

Orwen: I hope you don't mind if I move your heart. You handsome.......

Orgoch: Humph! Enough of this lovesick nonsense! (She turns Fflewddur into a frog.)

Fflewddur: Great Belin! (Orgoch tries to catch him, but Fflewddur is too fast.)

Orgoch: We're going to have toad stew ! (Suddenly a pot filled with boiling water appears under

Fflewddur: (He falls in and Orgoch scoops him up with a spoon and is about to eat him when Orwen pushes her away, causing Orgoch to drop Fflewddur.)

Orwen: You're not going to eat this one! (Orwen changes him back and hugs him once more.)

         Come here love! Can anyone here perform marriages?

Fflewddur: ( frightened )


Orgoch: You love struck witch! (She changes Fflewddur back into a frog, but since Orwen was hugging him, Fflewddur is caught between Orwen's breasts.)

Orwen: Where is he? Where'd he go? Yoo-hoo! Where are you? Don't go! Now look what

         you've done! He's gone! I'll never forgive you for this, Orgoch! Never!

(Fflewddur manages to free himself, and he hops away.)

         Oh, there you are!

(she changes Fflewddur back, and all three witches laugh.)

Taran: Enough! We've come for the Black Cauldron!

Orddu: Did you hear that sisters?

Orwen: Why, no one has asked for the Black Cauldron in over two thousand years!

Orgoch: It's a trick! We not going to let them have it are we?

Orddu: Don't worry. Leave it to me. Perhaps I might interest you in something else; a kettle, a

         crockpot, a skillet, a teapot, a bucket, a jar, a platter!

(The pots, skillets, and pans float around Taran.)

         See anything you like?

(The Magic Sword glows and suddenly seems to take on its own life. It shatters the pots and pans, and gets Orddu's attention.) I don't believe it! I've never seen a sword like that! I've got to have that sword! Listen carefully, we'll trade the Cauldron for the sword!

Orwen: But what can they DO with the Cauldron, Orddu?

Orddu: Nothing! That's the point. Don't you see? We'll end up with both! The sword and the


(To our heros.)

         It's decided then, you shall have the Black Cauldron.

Eilonwy: You mean, you'll give it to us?

Orddu: Ha, ha! That's not what I said. You weren't listening. We never give anything away! What we do is bargain, trade!

Taran: Well you'll not have my sword!

Fflewddur: May I ask you ladies to perhaps consider this magnificent harp.

Orddu: A harp?!? When we want music we send for the birds. What would we do with a simple


Gurgi: Wait! Gurgi will trade his munchings and crunchings. (he holds out an apple core.)

Orddu: Who would want....?!

Orgoch: Hold it sister! Not so fast! (She grabs the apple core and eats it.)

Taran: Allright! I know what you want!

Orddu: Yesssss?

Eilonwy: No, Taran! No!

Taran: ( to Eilonwy.)

         It's our only chance!

( to Orddu, sadly.)

         Here is my sword. Take it!

Orddu: This is your own choice, duckling. Remember, with this sword you could be the greatest

         of warriors!

Taran: ( nearly crying.)

         Yes. I offer you my dearest possession, in exchange for the Black Cauldron.

Orddu: Agreed! We have made a bargain. (The three witches disappear with the sword. The cottage begins to fall apart as the wind blows it away. Stools, chairs, pots and pans fly by. Then the cauldrons take off.)

Taran: Look out!

Doli: Help!!

Eilonwy: Taran! Watch out!

Fflewddur: Ah! Great Belin!!

Taran: Duck! (Our heros lay on the ground to keep out of the way of the cauldrons. Just when they think it's over, a small earthquake takes place. The Black Cauldron is pushed up from under the ground where the cottage had been.)

Eilonwy: Look!

Taran: The Black Cauldron! It's ours! (Taran walks toward it and he hears the laughs of the witches. He looks up to see them watching him from the clouds.)

Orddu: I say, what funny little ducklings! Don't they know the Black Cauldron is indestructible!

         Now listen carefully, the Black Cauldron can never be destroyed. Only its evil powers can
         be stopped!

Taran: Then there is a way! But how?

Orddu: A living being must climb into it on his own free will!

Gurgi: Gurgi is bold and brave! He will climb into the evil cauldron!

Orddu: However, the poor duckling, will never climb out ALIVE!

Gurgi: Yikes!

Fflewddur: Now look here madam, don't forget we have an agreement!

Eilonwy: Yes! You said we could have the Cauldron!

Orgoch: Of course we said you could have the Cauldron. It's not our fault you can't do anything

         with it!

(The witches disappear.)

Orddu: Goodbye goslings! And remember we always keep our bargain! (Night comes, and our heros sit around a campfire. Fflewddur is tending the fire with a stick. Eilonwy and Gurgi sit next to Fflewddur. Taran sits by himself with Doli sitting on his shoulder. Unsure about what they should do with the Cauldron, they ponder their problem.)

Doli: What a bunch of blundering misfits! Things never work out

         when you're dealing with

(to Taran )

         You can go back to feeding pigs! I've had it! Goodbye!

(Doli turns invisible and flies back to the Fair Folk realm.)

Taran: Doli's right. It's my fault! I let you down! Without my sword

         I'm nothing! I'm just an just an Assistant Pig-Keeper!

Eilonwy: Look you are somebody! You must believe in yourself! I

         believe in you.

Taran: You, you do! And I think that you're.... (Taran holds her hands )

        Uh, I mean... That is....

(He draws his hands away in embarrassment.)

Eilonwy: Yes, Taran?

Taran: What I mean is that I'm grateful. For all of you. You've been true friends. Now it's up to


Eilonwy: Look! (She points to some gwythaints swooping around the cauldron.)

Gurgi: Uh oh! Trouble! Goodbye!

Taran: Quick! We can't let them find it! (The Henchmen burst out of the brush holding spears.)

Henchmen: Pig boy!!!! (The Henchmen surround our heros and capture them. Taran, Princess Eilonwy, and Fflewddur Fflam are taken back to the Horned King's castle - minus Gurgi, who has fled at first sight of the gwythaints. We see the King's courtroom that is filled with the lifeless skeleton warriors. Creeper is on a platform with the Black Cauldron, yelling out orders.)

Creeper: Get the move on! Careful now! You! Tie them up over there and get that cart out of


(to our heros )

        Oh, I 'm sorry. I've ignored you. You did come for the Black Cauldron? Good, then climb
        right in! It'll only cost you your life!

( He sees the Horned King coming.)

         Oh!! Everything is ready, sire!

Horned King: My, such a brave and handsome crew! A pig-boy, a scullery maid, and

        broken-down minstrel! Perhaps it may interest you to see what fate has in store for you!
         Ha, ha,ha, ha. Now I call upon the army of the dead! The Cauldron Born!

( The Horned King takes one of the skeletons and places it in the Black Cauldron.)

         Arise my messengers of death! Our time has arrived!

(The Cauldron begins to shake and starts leaking blood. It spits a huge ball of fire and produces a green mist that settles over the rotting skeletons. The henchmen close in for a closer look when suddenly the skeletons spring to life. They are now the Cauldron Born. The make their way to the entrance of the castle. Then we see Gurgi entering the castle through the water gate, watching all the rats scurry away.)

Eilonwy: ( Gasp ) Oh! It's horrible!

Horned King: My phantom warriors have come to life! All dead from centuries past! Never has

         anyone created an army like this! Go forth my deathless warriors! Destroy all in your path!

Creeper: Come, sire! We can get a better view from above! (Creeper leads the Horned King to the balcony overlooking the drawbridge. While Creeper leads the Horned King to the parapets above. Taran, Eilonwy and Fflewddur look hopelessly at one another.)

Eilonwy: Oh, Taran! I'm afraid it'll soon be over for us.

Taran: I-I hadn't planned it to end like this, Eilonwy.

Fflewddur: Oh, I wish I'd stayed a toad! (From the parapets above, Creeper and the Horned King lean out a window watching the Cauldron Born cross the drawbridge and beginning to slaughter every living thing.)

Horned King: Only moments away from victory! My greatest triumph!

Creeper: We did it sire! I-I mean YOU! Yes, yes! Of course! You did it, Sire! (Gurgi is climbing up a flight of stairs. He reaches the top and opens a door. An ax chops the door down as the Cauldron Born burst through the doorway.)

Gurgi: Yikes! ( He runs away and comes to a window looking into another room. He breathes quite loudly and Taran hears him. )

Taran: Gurgi? Gurgi, is that you?

"Munchings and crunchings in here somewhere!"Gurgi: Master!

Taran: Gurgi, what are you doing here?

Gurgi: Gurgi sorry he always runs away when there's trouble. He untie everyone! Then we leave

         this evil place!

Fflewddur: Well get on with it!!

Taran: (Now free)

         Good boy, Gurgi! Eilonwy, you go with Fflewddur and Gurgi. I must stop the Cauldron.

(Taran starts climbing to a balcony that overlooks the cauldron.)

Eilonwy: Oh, but Taran that's impossible! Why you'd be--- (she sees Taran ready to throw himself into the Cauldron.)


Taran: I'm sorry Eilonwy.

Eilonwy: ( sobbing )

         Please Taran!!!! NO!!! You can't!!!!

Taran: My mind is made up! (Taran readies himself but Gurgi stands in his way.)

Gurgi: Wait master! Gurgi not let you jump into Cauldron!

Taran: Gurgi, get out of my way! (Gurgi backs up almost to the edge of the balcony. He almost falls in when part of the cobblestones give way.)

Gurgi: Whoa! (whining)

         Please master! Not go into evil Cauldron.

Taran: If I don't we're all lost! Out of my way!

Gurgi: (crying)

         No! Gurgi not let his friend die!

(he walks toward the Cauldron)

         Taran has many friends.


         Gurgi has no friends.

Taran: Gurgi, No! Don't jump! Wait! Don't! (Gurgi jumps.)

         Noooooooooooo! Oh, no!

(The fire and the green mist is suddenly being sucked back into the cauldron. Outside, the Cauldron Born are staggering and falling into heaps and becoming dusty skeletons once more.)

Creeper: Sire! Sire look! Something's wrong! What is it sire? They're- they're DIEING!

Horned King: It can't be! This had better not be your fault! (seizes Creeper by the throat.)

Creeper: ( suggestion )

         It needs another body, Sire!

Horned King: Yes! YOURS!!! (Taran, Eilonwy and Fflewddur dash throughout the corridors and come to the main room where the Cauldron is madly sucking up all the mist and fire. Destroying all the evil that it has created.)

Taran: ( to Fflewddur )

         Get Eilonwy out of here. Hurry!

Eilonwy: Taran, I, please, I-

Taran: Go on! Go with Fflewddur! (to himself )

         Maybe there's still a chance, for Gurgi.

(Suddenly the Cauldron gives a mad onrush of air. All the torches blow out and Taran is being dragged toward the Cauldron, hungry for more innocent lives. Taran sees a iron handle on the wall. Desperately he reaches for it and hold on tight. Then the Horned King charges downstairs from his balcony above with Creeper in his clutches.)

Creeper: No, Sire!!! Please!!

Horned King: ( to the Cauldron Born )

         Get up!! Come alive!!

Creeper: Maybe they're only resting, Sire!! ( to a Cauldron Born )

         DO SOMETHING!!!! My life is at stake!!!!

Horned King: Get up you fools!!! KILL!!!!!!! (Creeper suddenly spies Taran holding onto the iron handle, doing his best to keep himself from being sucked into the Black Cauldron.)

Creeper: Look!! Sire, look!! It's the PIG BOY!! It's HIS fault!! Yes! HE'S the cause of it!! (The Horned King throws Creeper away from him as he moves toward Taran, promising himself that Taran will be the next victim of the Black Cauldron.)

Horned King: ( to Taran )

         You've interfered for the last time. . . .

Creeper: Ha, ha!! Go for his throat, Sire!!!

Horned King: Now, Pig Keeper. You shall die!! (He grabs Taran by the front of his shirt and pulls him up.)

Taran: NO! DON'T!!! (Taran kicks himself away and tries to escape.)

Horned King: What's this?! ( The Cauldron sucks in a gigantic amount of air causing the Horned King move closer the the Cauldron. To Taran:)

         No, you'll not escape!

(The Horned King seizes Taran and looks him in the eye.)

Horned King: You will satisfy the Cauldron's hunger! (The Horned King throws Taran toward the Cauldron. Taran, too weak to move, lays still. Pleased with his work, makes his way toward the staircase leading to his balcony. Taran, seeing that he's leaving, crawls away from the Cauldron. Eilonwy and Fflewddur watch nervously from a parapet above.)

Eilonwy: Oh no! (The Cauldron is not pleased seeing his revenge escaping. It makes another huge onrush if air, causing the Horned King to slip closer to the Cauldron.)

Horned King: (realizing what the Cauldron is up to)

         No! You'll not have me! My power cannot die!

(he now realizes it is too late) Curse you! No! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (The Horned King is holding onto the the Cauldron trying to pull himself away)


(He deteriorates in a flash of light and is gone. Creeper has watched from a parapet above.)

Creeper: Oh no! H-how horrible! Poor sire! H-he's gone! (Creeper realizes that he's IS gone and he's not going to be punished whether or not it was his fault.)

         He's gone! Ha! He's gone! Ha, ha, ha, ha!  HE'S Gone!

(Creeper hobbles away. The Cauldron's onrush of air has stopped. Now it has turned a molten gold and is causing the floor to collapse. Taran flees looking for Eilonwy and Fflewddur.)

Taran: Fflewddur! Eilonwy!

Eilonwy: Over here! Hurry!

Taran: Thank goodness you're safe! C'mon Fflewddur! Hurry! (They run throughout the falling-apart castle. Pillars crumble before their eyes and the floors behind them start collapsing.)

Fflewddur: For sakes alive! (They come to a spot where the floor has split. Taran jumps over first, then Eilonwy. Fflewddur doesn't like the idea.)

Taran: C'mon Fflewddur! Jump! (Fflewddur makes it safely across and they bolt down a hallway. They come to the sewer of the castle. A boat sits there waiting for them.)

Eilonwy: Taran. Look!

Taran: Good! Get in. (He picks up a pole.)

         Here! Your job, Fflewddur!

(Fflewddur starts pulling them toward the exit when he notices a locked gate blocks their path.)

Fflewddur: Uh oh! Trouble!

Eilonwy: Oh! We can't get through!

Taran: I-I'll try to open the gate. (Taran jumps out of the boat into the water.)

Eilonwy: Be careful Taran! (Taran easily breaks the rusty chains and opens the gate.)

Taran: Quick! Push the boat through!

Eilonwy: C'mon Fflewddur! Hurry! (Taran, still in the water, helps push the boat through the exit. Fflewddur is trying the pull Taran back into the boat.)

Fflewddur: Good job lad! (Suddenly Fflewddur sees that the ceiling is going to give way. With one final heave, he pulled Taran into the boat.)

Fflewddur: Look oooooouuuuuuutttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [The ceiling caves in just as the companions make it into the exit tunnel. A huge wave of water flushes them out of the castle and capsizes their boat. The castle explodes. The towers crumble and the rubble sinks into the bubbling water. Taran, Princess Eilonwy, and Fflewddur Fflam barely made it out of the castle. As Fflewddur pulls the boat to shore, we see Creeper, laughing madly out of joy that the Horned King cannot punish him. Creeper managed to free a gwythaint, using it as his escape method. They fly away never to be seen again. We also see the castle crumbling to bits, as small fires break out burning the wood beams. The trio make it to shore, when Taran spots something.]

Taran: Look! (he points to the Black Cauldron, happily bubbling about atop the water, for it has had its fill on lives, and its evil is joyous about it. Taran rushes through the water, then stops. A wind picks up and the clouds roll in carrying a familiar laughter.)


Orgoch: Why is the poor duckling so sad?

Orddu: Yes, he got what they wanted and he's still not satisfied!

Fflewddur: Just what do you think you're up to, ladies?

Orddu: Oh, we have business with your little hero.

Taran: Hero? Gurgi was the hero!

Orddu: The only thing that mattered to you was the Cauldron. But now it's of no use to you. So

         we'll just take it, and be on our way!

(the three witches start moving the Cauldron.)

Fflewddur: Wait! Uh, stay your hands, uh, ladies! We never give anything away! We bargain

         We trade. Remember?

Orddu: Ha, ha ! Did these old ears hear the word bargain? Hmmm?

Fflewddur: Yes madam! Those old ears heard right!

Orwen: Ohhhhh! I adore a voiceful man!

Fflewddur: Oh! Pull yourself together madam! I say! Out with it! What is your offer?

Orddu: ( realizing that they want the sword back ) No! Not the-

Orwen: Then I'll do it! ( the sword magically appears in front of Taran ) A magnificent sword for a warrior! (Taran reaches out for it, then suddenly draws his hand away.)

Taran: I'm not a warrior. I'm a pig-boy. What can I do with a sword?

Orddu: Absolutely nothing! (She grabs the sword back )

Taran: But I will trade!

All Three Witches: YES????

Taran: The Cauldron for Gurgi!

Orwen: Oh dear!

Orddu: It's not possible!

Fflewddur: Just as I thought ladies! You've got no real power! Admit it! Admit it! (The witches are insulted by Fflewddur's remark. The disappear into a whirlwind. And circle around the Cauldron.)

Orddu: We have made a bargain! Ha, ha, ha, HA! (The wind funnels in front of Taran, Eilonwy, and Fflewddur. Suddenly it disappears and the still body of Gurgi lays on the ground. Taran quietly walks forward and picks up Gurgi's body. He turns around and faces his friends.)

Eilonwy: (sadly) Oh, Taran! (Taran's eyes fills with tears and he hugs Gurgi's body. Then he quickly looks away. Suddenly a little paw slips into his vest as if in search of an apple.)

Gurgi: Munchings and crunchings in here somewhere!

Taran: (surprised ) Gurgi! You-You're alive!

Eilonwy: He's alive!

Fflewddur: Great Belin! He IS alive!

Eilonwy: Fflewddur! Fflewddur! He's alive!

Gurgi: I'm alive! Ha ha ha! Gurgi's alive! Look! Look! Look! Touch me! Oh! Ho, ho!

Eilonwy: Oh, Gurgi! You clever little thing! ( She giggles. Gurgi is between Taran and Eilonwy who are hugging him. He flashes a crafty smile and pushes Eilonwy and Taran together which results in a kiss. Gurgi, Taran and Eilonwy laugh.)

Taran: C'mon Gurgi! Let's go home!

Gurgi: Oh! Gurgi's Happy day! (Gurgi runs forward and grabs Taran's hand, taran looks at Eilonwy and holds his hand out to her and she takes it. Then Eilonwy holds her hand out to Fflewddur and he takes it.)

Fflewddur: Great Belin! Ha! (The characters walk off together and their image turns into one of Hen Wen's visions. You then see, Dallben, Hen Wen and Doli back at Caer Dallben. Dallben is smiling.)

Dallben: You did well my boy!

Doli: Yuuuuuup! Ha, ha, ha!

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