The Fuzz
Fuzz Poster
This ain't no Sesame Street
Directed By
Duncan Skiles
Produced By
Duncan Skiles, Steven Eddy, Kristin Jones, Tom Lassally, Dave Becky, Larry Tanz, Matthew Achterberg, Jon Watts and Greg Walter
Written By
Christopher Ford & Jon Watts
Music By
Matt Veligdan
Distributed By
Eagle Entertainment
Release Date
July 30, 2014
1 hour and 28 minutes
Rating R

The Fuzz is a 2014 puppet comedy crime film produced by Vuguru. The film starring Jon Gabrus and Joseph R. Gannascoli.

Official SummaryEdit

Herbie is a puppet cop who is tired of being treated like a joke by the human officers on the police force. When a string of violent, drug-related crimes rock the seedy Puppet Town neighborhood, Herbie sees an opportunity to prove himself to the force and help clean up the streets where he grew up.


Human CastEdit

  • Jon Gabrus as Sanchez
  • Joseph R. Gannascoli as Sonny Russo
  • Jason Griffith as Restaurant Assassin
  • Andre S Thompson as Human Hooker
  • Nate Lang as Jake Russo
  • Rachel Bloom as Roxie
  • Dustin Brayley as Punk
  • Dorothi Fox as Chief McNair
  • Kevin R. Brown as Officer Watts
  • Matt Higgins as Officier Walters

Puppet PerformersEdit

  • David Fino as Herbie and Wizzo
  • Haley Jenkins as Abigail
  • Peter Bradley as Rainbow Brown
  • Peter Van Hyning as Diego Banana, Granny, Li'l Nick and Snoopers
  • Ben Rameaka as Enrique Banana
  • Jackie Martling as Strokey Zooms and Uncle Stiffy
  • Molly Lloyd as Pig Hooker
  • Jena Axelrod as Whatnot Hooker
  • Eric Wright as Whatnot Store Owner
  • Kathleen Kim as Herbie Jr.

Background PuppetsEdit

  • Anything Muppet Mohawk Boy, Birds, Carrots, Granny, Green Parrot, Lizard, Mr. Carrot, Monsters, Pig Hooker, Pot Cookie Monster, Rat, Red Eyed Frog and Whatnots


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