The Golf Specialist is a 1930 American comedy short starring W. C. Fields.


In a Florida hotel, the House Detective's wife likes to flirt with other men. The House Detective catches her flirting with a man, and he bodily throws him out.

Deep Sea McGurk comes in and asks the Desk Clerk for J. Effingham Bellweather, but he is not in. McGurk dictates a note for the Desk Clerk to give to Bellweather that he wants to collect the money that is owed to him. 

Bellweather enters, and the Desk Clerk gives him the note from McGurk, which he tears up. After brief encounters with a bratty little girl and the House Detective, Bellweather offers to teach the Detective's Wife how to play golf.

The two of them and their Caddy go out to the golf course, but Bellweather never gets to hit the ball. He is continuously interrupted by such distractions as the incompetent Caddy's squeaking shoes, the wind blowing papers into his path, and accidentally stepping into a pie that the Caddy had brought.

Finally, the Sheriff and the House Detective come out to the course to arrest con artist Bellweather for a list of absurd crimes (including "eating spaghetti in public", "jumping board bill in seventeen lunatic asylums", "failure to pay installments on a strait-jacket", and "possessing a skunk"); the police put handcuffs on him just as he's showing the Detective's Wife the importance of keeping the wrists close together while gripping the club.


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