The Killer Elite is a 1975 American action thriller film directed by Sam Peckinpah, starring James Caan and Robert Duvall.


Friends George Hansen (Robert Duvall) and Mike Locken (James Caan) are hit men who do contract jobs for a company called Com-Teg, associated with the CIA. But, when George gets a better offer from the competition, he turns on Mike, breaking his elbow and shoulder. It takes Mike a long time and a lot of physical therapy to get back on the job, but he does and coincidentally finds himself protecting a client whom Hansen and his gang are simultaneously being paid to assassinate.


  • James Caan as Mike Locken
  • Robert Duvall as George Hansen
  • Arthur Hill as Cap Collis
  • Gig Young as Weybourne
  • Tom Clancy as O'Leary
  • Mako as Yuen Chung
  • Burt Young as Mac
  • Bo Hopkins as Jerome Miller
  • Takayuki Kubota as Negato Toku
  • Victor Sen Yung as Wei Chi
  • Kate Heflin as Amy
  • Tiana Alexandra as Tommie
  • Helmut Dantine as Vorodny
  • Master Gini Lau/Liu (actor/stunt woman) as Yuen Chung's daughter
  • Uschi Digard as Girl at Party