The Ladies Club is a 1986 drama\rape & revenge film directed by Janet Greek. It was based on the 1977 novel "The Sisterhood" written by Casey Bishop and Betty Black.

It was released theatrically by New Line Cinema in April of 1986.


A policewoman (Karen Austin) who was sexually assaulted forms a vigilante group that consists of survivors of rape who abduct & castrate the men who assaulted them & legally got away with it.


  • Karen Austin as Joan Taylor
  • Diana Scarwid as Lucy Bricker
  • Christine Belford as Dr. Constance Lewis
  • Bruce Davison as Richard Harrison
  • Shera Danese as Eva
  • Beverly Todd as Georgiane
  • Marilyn Kagan as Rosalie
  • Kit McDonough as Carol


The film was produced from November of 1984 to January of 1985. It was filmed in Los Angeles, California.


"The Ladies Club" grossed $239,073 in the United States.

Theatrical TrailerEdit

The Ladies Club Trailer

The Ladies Club Trailer

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