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The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration is the tenth film in the Land Before Time series.


In this film, Littlefoot and other longnecks have strange dreams. One day, all the longnecks instinctively know that they should go somewhere. Littlefoot and his grandmother and grandfather go to the journey like all other longnecks, leaving the other races behind. Cera, Petrie, Spike, and Ducky with the gang (Littlefoot's friends) are missing Littlefoot, so they go on a voyage to find him. After a few days of voyage they became friends with one longneck and continue their quest to find Littlefoot with him. Meanwhile Littlefoot and most of the longnecks come to a meteoric crater, which they believe is the culmination of their journey. Here, Littlefoot meets his father, Bron, for the first time in his life!

However, the sire is not alone. Since parting from his (now deceased) mate, he has become guardian to another Apatosaur, Shorty. Littlefoot and Shorty are not friends, because Littlefoot's dad is spending more time with Littlefoot and less with him. One dawn Shorty tries to leave crater and go far away. Littlefoot stops him and convinces him to rejoin the migration. At this point, Littlefoot's friends come upon him.

They are attacked by Sharpteeth, but soon every herbivore is there to defend them. A meteorite falls into the Crater, causing the longnecks to break up and go home. Littlefoot and his father separate, knowing one another's true places.

Voice cast


The songs are written by Michelle Bourman and Amanda McBroom. The end credit song, Best of Friends, is performed by Olivia Newton-John.

  • Adventuring
  • Me and My Dad
  • Best of Friends [the Olivia Newton-John version can be heard in the end credits]


  1. Main Titles/Sleep Story
  2. Can't Catch Me
  3. Feeling Restless
  4. Adventuring
  5. The Journey Begins
  6. Loyal Followers
  7. All Mixed Up
  8. Icky Gooey Place
  9. The Lookout
  10. Snoring Boulder
  11. Like Father, Like Son
  12. A Kind Offer
  13. Bron's Story
  14. Me and My Dad
  15. Saving the World
  16. Families Old and New
  17. Sharpteeth
  18. Something Wonderful
  19. Bestest Friend
  20. Home/End Titles


  • Mo makes a cameo appearance as the icthyosaur jumping out of the water during the song "Adventuring".
  • This was the second Land Before Time film to contain more than three songs.
  • This was the only Land Before Time film in which Alec Medlock provided Littlefoot's voice.
  • Kiefer Sutherland, the voice of Bron, is also the voice of Samson in The Wild.
  • It is revealed in this movie that Bron used to be called "Littlefoot" when he was a kid. So Littlefoot inherited his dad's nickname as a real name.
  • It is paired with Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas VHS and DVD, and Beethoven's 5th VHS.

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