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The Lion King is a Disney media franchise comprising a film series and additional media. The success of the original 1994 American animated feature, The Lion King, directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, led to two direct-to-video sequel films, a 2019 film remake, a television film sequel, two spin-off television series, three educational shorts, several video games, merchandise, and the third-longest-running musical in Broadway history, which garnered six Tony Awards including Best Musical. The franchise, lead by the musical's box office at $8.1 billion (as of December 2017), is the highest-grossing entertainment property. The franchise as a whole has EGOT-ed, meaning it has won the four biggest awards of American show business.

The franchise mainly revolves about a pride of lions who oversee a large swath of African savanna as their "kingdom" known as the Pride Lands, with their leader Simba watching over it as "king". The first three animated films are widely known for being influenced by the works of William Shakespeare, as well as other works based on his material.



Characters Films
The Lion King (1994) The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998) The Lion King 1½ (2004) The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar (2015) The Lion King (2019)
Simba Matthew Broderick (adult)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas (child)
Matthew Broderick Matthew Broderick (adult)
Matt Weinberg (child)
Rob Lowe Donald Glover (adult)
JD McCrary (child)
Nala Moira Kelly (adult)
Niketa Calame (child)
Moira Kelly Gabrielle Union Beyoncé (adult)
Shahadi Wright Joseph (child)
Mufasa James Earl Jones (cameo) James Earl Jones
Scar Jeremy Irons Jim Cummings (flashback) (cameo) Chiwetel Ejiofor
Timon Nathan Lane Kevin Schon Billy Eichner
Pumbaa Ernie Sabella Seth Rogen
Zazu Rowan Atkinson Edward Hibbert Jeff Bennett John Oliver
Sarabi Madge Sinclair (cameo) Alfre Woodard
Rafiki Robert Guillaume Khary Payton John Kani
Hyenas Whoopi Goldberg (Shenzi)
Cheech Marin (Banzai)
Jim Cummings (Ed)
(mentioned) Whoopi Goldberg (Shenzi)
Cheech Marin (Banzai)
Jim Cummings (Ed)
Andrew Kishino (Janja)
Vargus Mason (Cheezi)
Kevin Schon (Chungu)
Beau Black (Nne)
Dee Bradley Baker (Tano)
Florence Kasumba (Shenzi)
Keegan-Michael Key (Kamari)
Eric Andre (Azizi)
Sarafina Zoe Leader Penny Johnson Jerald
Gopher Jim Cummings
Kiara character is mute. Neve Campbell (adult)
Michelle Horn (child)
Eden Regal
Kovu Jason Marsden (adult)
Ryan O'Donahue (child)
Zira Suzanne Pleshette
Nuka Andy Dick
Vitani Jennifer Lien (adolescent)
Lacey Chabert (child)
Ma Julie Kavner
Uncle Max Jerry Stiller
Kion Max Charles
Guinea Fowl Amy Sedaris
Bush Baby Chance the Rapper
Elephant Shrew Josh McCrary
Impala Phil LaMarr