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The Man With One Red Shoe is a 1985 comedy film directed by Stan Dragoti, and starring Tom Hanks and Dabney Coleman. It is a remake of a 1972 French film Le Grand Blond avec une chaussure noire starring Pierre Richard and Mireille Darc.


Cooper (Coleman), a deputy director of the CIA, wants to take over the director position. Standing in his way is Ross (Durning), whom Cooper plans on eliminating by implicating him in a failed drug-smuggling operation in Morocco and forcing him to resign.

Ross catches onto the plot and leaks a rumor that a man will be arriving at the airport who will clear him of the scandal, and orders his assistant to pick him up. Cooper, desperate to find out who the mystery man is, sends his own agents to follow Ross's lackey, Brown (Herrmann). Brown goes to the airport with instructions to pick someone at random from the crowd, leading Cooper and his team on a wild goose chase.

Morris (Belushi) plays a trick on his friend Richard (Hanks), hiding one of each pair of his shoes. Richard is forced to wear mismatched shoes on his flight home, with one business shoe and one red sneaker. Brown spots the mismatched shoes in the crowd and picks him as their random target. Cooper takes the bait and starts tracking Richard, who proves to be carrying on his own intrigues.

They learn that Richard, a concert violinist, has travelled the world, including several Communist countries. Cooper thinks this the perfect cover for a spy, and starts digging deeper. Soon they suspect his sheet music is actually a code, and steal time on Defense Department computers to decipher it. Hoping to learn more, he sends in Maddy (Singer) to seduce Richard and find out what he knows. While Richard is playing, Maddy actually falls for him.

Ross, meanwhile, simply sits back and watches the antics unfold. When one attempt after another fails to yield any usable information, Cooper orders Richard killed, eventually attempting to kill the man himself. Richard remains completely oblivious to the plot, and settles down with Maddy once Cooper is removed.


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