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The Princess Bride is a 1987 comic fantasy fairy tale happy ending movie by Rob Reiner based on the fantasy novel by William Goldman.


A man tells his grandson a fantastic bed time story

Wesley the stabelhand aka Black Roberts the Pirate must rescue his true love Princess Buttercup from Prince Humberdink and the chief evil henchmen Count Ruggio. Wesley has two comrades to help him: {both formery worked for the late Vizzini an Henchman for Count Ruggio]

Indigo Montoya the Spanish swordman who for twenty years has been looking for revenge on the right handed 6 fingered man aka Count Ruggio who killed his father. A master fencing swordman he meets Count Ruggio and in a climatic sword duel drives the Count nearly insane with the words: "I am Indigo Montoya. You killed my father-prepare to die". over and over again.

Fizzwigg the Giant tries to crush Wesley but is knocked unconscious by Wesley

Comic Relief

In a comic relief Wesley must rescue the Princess from Vizzini-a egotistical Criminal mastermind who threatas to kill Buttercup to prevent Wesley from taking back what he rightly stole. When Vizzini claims to be smarter than Aristotle; Plato and Socroteas Wesley does the one thing Vizzini cannot resist-make a challenge of an intellecial duel to the death! Trying to guess which is the poisoned goblet Vazzini claims there are two mistakes that should never be made-fight a land war in Asia and Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line-before he drops dead!

In another comic relief Miricle Max brings the mostly dead Wesley back to life in revenge for being fired by the ungrateful Prince Humperdink


Peter Falk as the Grandfather

Fred Savage as the grandson

Mandy Patimkin as Indigo Montoya

Andre the Giant as Fizzwigg

Wallace Shawn as Vizzini

Billy Crystal as Miricle Max