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Opening Credits Edit

  • Walt Disney Productions Presents
  • "The Rescuers"
  • Suggested by "The Rescuers" and "Miss Bianca" by: Margery Sharp
  • Story: Larry Clemmons, Ken Anderson, Frank Thomas, Vance Gerry, David Michener, Ted Berman, Fred Lucky, Burny Mattinson, Dick Sebast
  • Directing Animators: Ollie Johnston, Milt Kahl, Frank Thomas, Don Bluth
  • With the Voice Talents of:
    • Bob Newhart - Bernard
    • Eva Gabor - Miss Bianca
    • Geraldine Page - Madame Medusa
    • Joe Flynn - Mr. Snoops
    • Jeannette Nolan - Ellie Mae
    • Pat Buttram - Luke
    • Jim Jordan - Orville
    • John McIntire - Rufus
    • Michelle Stacy - Penny
    • Bernard Fox - The Chairman
    • Larry Clemmons - Gramps
    • James Macdonald - Evinrude
    • George Lindsey - Rabbit
    • Bill McMillan - TV Announcer
    • Dub Taylor - Digger
    • John Fiedler - Owl
    • Ruth Buzzi - German Mouse
    • Mel Blanc - Bats
    • Candy Candido - Brutus and Nero
    • Pinto Colvig - Orville (Screaming)
    • Robie Lester - Miss Bianca (Singing)
    • Peter Renaday - American Delegate
  • Animation Directors: Lester Kline, John Lounsbery, Eric Larson, Laverne Harding
  • Character Animation: John Pomeroy, Cliff Nordberg, Andy Gaskill, Gary Goldman, Art Stevens, Dale Baer, Chuck Harvey, Ron Clements, Bob McCrea, Bill Hajee, Glen Keane, Virgil Ross, Mark Kausler, Dave Brain, Besty Baytos, Dick Sebast, Al Coe, Ken Southworth, Don Patterson, Bill Justice, Bob Carlson, Heidi Guedel, Morey Reden, Fred Hellmich
  • Effects Animation: Jack Buckley, Ted Kierscey, Dorse A. Lanpher, James L. George, Dick Lucas, Paul Fitzpatrick
  • Key Assistant Animators: Stan Green, Dale Oliver, Chuck Williams, Harry Hester, Walt Stanchfield, Dave Suding, Leroy Cross
  • Assistant Directors: Jeff Patch, Richard Rich
  • Art Director: Don Griffith
  • Character Design: Kris Pearn
  • Layout: Sandy Dvore, Joe Hale, Guy Deel, Tom Lay, Sylvia Roemer, Don Griffith, Vance Gerry
  • Color by Technicolor®
  • Color Stylings: Al Dempster
  • Background Painting: Jim Coleman, Ann Guenther, Daniela Bielecka
  • Titles: Melvin Shaw, Eric Larson, Burny Mattinson
  • Production Manager: Don Duckwall
  • Sound: Herb Taylor
  • Evinrude Sound Effects: James Macdonald
  • Editors: James Melton, Jim Koford
  • Featured Vocalist: Shelby Flint
  • Musicians: Tom Boyd: Oboe Soloist, George Doering: Instrumental, Ethmer Roten: Flute, James Thatcher: French Horn
  • Music Editors: Evelyn Kennedy, Al Teeter
  • © Copyright MCMLXXVII - Walt Disney Productions All Rights Reserved
  • This picture has made the jurdisction of I.A.T.S.E.-IA, affiliated with A.F.L.-C.L.O.
  • Approved No. 24753 Motion Picture Association of America
  • RCA Photophone Sound Recording
  • Assistant Animators: Randy Cartwright, Ed Gombert, Tad Stones, Tom Ferriter, Dave Spafford
  • Final Check: Wilma Baker
  • Xerox: Janet Rea, Robyn Roberts, Bert Wilson, Gina Wootten
  • Xerox Check: Diana Dixon, Kristine Brown, Darlene Kanagy, Charlene Miller, Margaret Trinidade
  • Xerox Processing: Bill Brazner, Janet Rea
  • Xerox and Paint: Diana Dixon
  • Blue Sketch: Alex Mann
  • Animation Camera: Ed Austin, Rick Taylor
  • Inkers: Diana Dixon, Maria Fenyvesi
  • Ink and Paint: Carmen Sanderson, Miho Nagisa, Robyn Roberts, Gina Wootten
  • Paint Lab: Ray Owens, Ann Neale
  • Head of Scene Planning: Ruth Tompson
  • Scene Planning: Glenn Higa, Richard T. Sullivan, Dave Thomson
  • Secretaries: Charlene Rogers, Lorraine Thilman, Pat Lestina
  • Songs
    • "The Journey", "Rescue Aid Society" · Carol Connors
    • "Tomorrow Is Another Day" · Ayn Robbins
    • "Someone's Waiting For You" · Music by: Sammy Fain - Lyrics by: Carol Connors, Ayn Robbins - Songs Sung by: Shelby Flint
    • "The U.S. Air Force" · Robert Crawford
  • Musical Score Composed and Conducted by: Artie Butler
  • Featured Vocalist: Shelby Flint
  • Musicians Tom Boyd · Oboe Soloist, George Doering · Instrumental, Ethmer Roten · Flute, James Thatcher · French Horn
  • Produced by: Wolfgang Reitherman
  • Executive Producer: Ron Miller
  • Directed by: Wolfgang Reitherman, John Lounsbery, Art Stevens

Closing Titles Edit

  • The End · Walt Disney Productions
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