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This Little Love of Mine is a 2021 romantic film directed by Christine Luby, written by Morgan Ingari, and starring Saskia Hampele, Liam McIntyre, and Lynn Gilmartin.


A brilliant business lawyer, Laura is about to become a partner. She must return to the small tropical island where she grew up, and convince her friend Chip, to replace her billionaire grandfather at the head of the company he created.


Saskia Hampele as Laura

  • Liam McIntyre as Chip
  • Lynn Gilmartin as Gem
  • James Blee as Staff Member
  • Lennox Broadley as Young Chip
  • Zara Goodman as Staff Member
  • Andrey Goulter as Restaurant Staff
  • Craig Horner as Owen
  • Monette Lee as Fiona
  • Tiriel Mora as Mr. Bailey
  • Lawrence Ola as Karavi
  • Martin Portus as Graham
  • Jessi Robertson as Young Laura
  • Sophie Tilson as Olivia
  • Rajan Velu as Theodore
  • Sarah Woods as Mrs. Bailey