Tini: The New Life of Violetta, also known as Tini: The Movie, (Spanish: Tini: El gran cambio de Violetta, "Tini: The

great change of Violetta") is a Spanish–Italian film created by Ramón Salazar Hoogers. It is a follow-up to the series Violetta. In it, Martina Stoessel, Jorge BlancoMercedes Lambre, Clara Alonso and Diego Ramonsreprise their roles from the series. The film also stars Adrián Salzedo,Sofia Carson and Angela Molina.


Violetta Castillo, a bright and lively girl, has become a great artist like her boyfriend, Leon Vargas. Under pressure from her manager, who gives her no time to rest, she accepts an offer to be interviewed on live TV. During the show, the presenters show Violetta footage that deceives her into thinking that Leon is dating someone else: an actress named Melanie. Violetta is devastated and straightaway announces that she is retiring, much to everyone's shock. She then receives a letter from Isabella, a family friend, inviting her to a retirement home for young artists in Italy. On this journey of self-discovery, Violetta meets Caio and establishes a good friendship with him. Meanwhile,Ludmila warns Leon that Violetta is moving on and together they decide to find her and put things right. Isabella helps Violetta discover that her actual name is"Tini" and gives new meaning to her life.


Music and soundtrackEdit

On April 29, 2016, songs featured in the film were included in the release of Martina Stoessel's debut album.

Additionally, Leonardo Cecchi recorded a song for the movie, titled "Freeze Frame". He, along with Adrián Salzedo, Ridder van Kooten, and Beatrice Arnera, also perform a cover of "Reality" by Los Frequencies.


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Tini - The Movie (Trailer) English Subtitles

Tini - The Movie (Trailer) English Subtitles

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