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Mexico City, Mexico on July 12, 2015 Anima Estudios and Warner Bros. Pictures today announced Top Cat’s return to the big screen with a story that will show the beginning of his friendship with Benny the Ball, and the adventures that would lead them to create their infamous and beloved gang.

Top Cat Begins will be produced by Ánima Estudios and distributed in Mexico by Warner Bros. Pictures. Andrés Couturier (Kung Fu Magoo, Teenage Fairytales Dropouts, Wizards and Giants) will be directing the film, with Fernando De Fuentes S. and José C. García de Letona producing.

The film will be done entirely in CGI animation, which will allow the audience to experience the gang’s world like never before. It’s the 12th feature film produced by Ánima Estudios.

“Top Cat Begins is the most ambitious project in our studio’s history and the one with the most international potential,” said Fernando De Fuentes S., Chairman of Ánima Estudios.

In 2011, Ánima produced the first feature to showcase these characters: Top Cat: The Movie, which became the highest grossing Mexican film in 2011, seen by more than 2.5 million people and breaking opening weekend box-office records. Moreover, the movie was successfully released theatrically in more than 25 countries.

“We’re sure that Top Cat Begins will surprise and entertain those who grew up watching the TV series and also those who will meet these wonderful characters for the first time,’ added José C. García de Letona, Executive Vice President of Ánima Estudios.

Top Cat Begins The birth of one of the most remarkable and beloved gangs in entertainment is a mystery that has been kept unanswered for generations, until now....

After Top Cat and Benny the Ball meet for the first time, their adventures together will take them to Spook, Fancy-Fancy, Brain and Choo-Choo… and Officer Dibble, whose heart will always be divided between justice and his love for the gang.

Top Cat Begins will reveal the origins of everything we know and love about these classic heroes, through their first adventure before becoming a team.

Who would’ve thought that these six cats, with such different unique and offbeat personalities, plus a few shortcomings to say the least, would be able to stand up to the meanest mobsters of New York City?