Timeline[edit | edit source]

Format Cover Release Date(s) Publisher Notes
DVD November 10, 2015 Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Blu-ray November 10, 2015 Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Supplements[edit | edit source]

2015 DVD[edit | edit source]

1 Promo for Self/less
2 Promo for The Gift
3 Promo for Pitch Perfect 2
4 Promo for Ted 2
5 Promo for Dope
6 Promo for Jurassic World
7 Promo for Furious 7
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FBI Anti-Piracy Warning Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Screen.png
National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center Screen.png
10 MPAA rating screen
11 Trainwreck
Universal The Views Expressed Screen.jpg
Look for it on DVD and Blu-Ray. All films and promotions may not be available in all territories..png
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