Seven in Heaven is a rhyming title for the movie. Although it doesn’t have a whole ton of action, this movie is an interesting supernatural one. Teenagers are abundant and abound in this movie. People get together in a house for a party. They discovered a master closet and within it a “closet within a closet”. They play a card game called “Seven in Heaven” where somebody that tag them red would sit in the “closet within the closet” for seven minutes. Jude and June, what a rhyming couple!, were tagged red and sit in the closet for seven minutes and thought they’ll get out like if nothing changed. But then the story gets really strange even for a fiction. They get out but no ones there and people were acting crazier in the party. They went back to his house and discovers his father is mad at him, wait, his father?, he’s supposed to be dead. He just came back from the heaven? He got away from him and his mom and walks into the bedroom and finds his room is entirely different. They realize they travelled to alternate reality via nothing more than a closet, rather than an interdimensional ship. In this real world, alternate reality is nothing more than a philosophical concept, but it’s real in the fictional world.

He finds guidance counselor Mr. Wallace who knew about this and help him find his way back to former reality. All of his friends in home reality didn’t know where he went, he must’ve been in this world somewhere, right? Nope, they’re in another dimension.

In another alternate dimension, there’s a funny game called Lie or Die, again another rhyming pair. The name sounds like that lying is potentially deadly. The funniest part is that Jude told them a truth that is father died from a car accident, then showed the video that a deer rammed into his driver side. Well, it’s not really the accident, but an animal trying to attack him. That wasn’t funny to the crowd and Jude and June escaped back into the house. There’s the most thrilling part of the movie. Mr. Wallace would burn the house down while Jude and June hide out in the closet to destroy the alternate reality and get back home like if nothing happened. The house goes up in flames and leak into the master bedroom and into the outer closet. Less than two minutes left in the closet, it’s trying to burn the way into the closet where’s they’re waiting out. Oh no, are they going to make the seven minutes? Hurry up! Then the scene was cut off into home reality and return to the scene and it’s all good! They were reunited back to home reality. What a happy ending in a happy unburned house with happy family and friends in the happy reality!