Not long after Robin Williams passed away on August 11, 2014, I was contacted by Fandom staff to see if I wanted to commemorate Robin's life here on Moviepedia. At the time, I wasn't ready to do it but I kept the idea in the back of my mind to do it some point in the future and began buying his movies as I shopped at places like Half Price Books. This August 11th will mark five years since his death and more information has been published about his life and career, so now is the time to start the retrospective.

There are many ways Robin's films can be divided up. Comedies, dramas and animated movies is the easiest. Dividing by whether he had a starring role or a supporting role is another. A third would be a chronological look at how his skill as an actor progressed throughout his career.

For the reviews I do, I may go by themes, such as the Night in the Museum trilogy, movies involving robots and androids, or movies where he played a clergyman. My initial plan is to spotlight a new film no later than every two weeks, but at that rate, it will be 2021 before we're done. Even one a week will run us into about December 2020.

To help speed this up, I want to invite everyone that visits Moviepedia to participate. If you have an account, create a blog for your review/spotlight and once it's done, we'll link to it on the main page. If you haven't signed up for an account, you can still participate by creating a regular page and we can move it into a blog. Put something like "Robin Williams review" in front of the page title to identify it.

The focus is on movies, but there are two TV series I think should also be included: Mork & Mindy and The Crazy Ones, Robin's first and last TV series. Beyond that, appearances on other TV shows can be mentioned as part of discussing a movie.

The following is the movies Robin appeared in. If you own one and want to volunteer to do a review or spotlight on it, enter it into the comments and an approximate date you think you might have it ready.

Documentaries and comedy specials

  • In Search of Dr. Seuss
  • Robin Williams Live on Broadway
  • Robin Williams: Weapons of Self Destruction


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