Vertigo is a film by Alfred Hitchcock released in 1958.


Hired by a friend to tail his confused wife, Police Officer John Ferguson finds himself falling in love with the mysterious woman, who is revealed to have suicidal tendencies.



John "Scottie" Ferguson is a retired San Francisco police detective who suffers from acrophobia and Madeleine is the lady who leads him to high places. A wealthy shipbuilder who is an acquaintance from college days approaches Scottie and asks him to follow his beautiful wife, Madeleine. He fears she is going insane, maybe even contemplating suicide, because she believes she is possessed by a dead ancestor. Scottie is skeptical, but agrees after he sees the beautiful Madeleine.

Background Information

Hitchcock originally wanted Vera Miles to play the lead character, but pregnancy forced her to opt out of the production. Kim Novak and James Stewart would later star opposite each other again in the film Bell, Book and Candle.

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