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US & Canada[]

Title Year Release date Cover
The Wild Bunch 1969 October 14, 1997
The Wild Bunch (WB Westerns VHS)
Jeremiah Johnson 1972 1997
Jeremiah Johnson (WB Westerns VHS)
Stagecoach 1939 February 3, 1998
Stagecoach (WB Westerns VHS)
Chisum 1970 May 19, 1998
Chisum (WB Westerns VHS)
The Cowboys 1972
The Cowboys (WB Westerns VHS)
The Outlaw Josey Wales 1976
The Outlaw Josey Wales (WB Westerns VHS)
The Searchers 1956
The Searchers (WB Westerns VHS)
Tall in the Saddle 1944
Tall in the Saddle (VHS)
The Train Robbers 1973
The Train Robbers (WB Westerns VHS)
McCabe & Mrs. Miller 1971 May 11, 1999
McCabe & Mrs
Cimarron 1960 May 30, 2000
Cimarron (1960) (WB Westerns VHS)
How the West Was Won 1962
How the West Was Won (WB Westerns VHS)
Unforgiven 1992
Unforgiven (WB Westerns VHS)
The Oklahoma Kid 1939 July 5, 2000
The Oklahoma Kid (VHS)
Fort Apache 1948 May 8, 2001
Fort Apache (WB Westerns VHS)
Montana 1950
Montana (VHS)
3 Godfathers 1948
3 Godfathers (WB Westerns VHS)
Cahill: United States Marshal 1973 Unknown
Cahill US Marshal (WB Westerns VHS)
Pale Rider 1985
Pale Rider (WB Westerns VHS)
Rio Bravo 1959
Rio Bravo (WB Westerns VHS)
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (WB Westerns VHS)


Title Year Release date Cover
Dodge City 1939 2000
Dodge City (WB Westerns VHS)